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Metropolitan of Monasteries comes to Russia

Even the first announcements of intentions about association of the churches, sounded in September of last year, have been conceived as sensational. Representatives of church cooled journalists: reunion of churches - business not one day, it demands meetings, negotiations, coordination, pastoral visits, cathedral decisions. Process only has begun, and headings all the same were exclamatory.

And it is valid, the reunion of the churches which even have been stretched in time, - sensation of contemporary history, event not indifferent in political and international sense. We will remind that the official invitation to the lord to Monastery from Patriarch Alex in the end of September was passed in New York by the President during personal meeting.

In the Moscow patriarchy lay hopes on this visit. According to Patriarch Alex, Today there are no obstacles which can divide the Russian people living in our Fatherland and behind its limits . He has underlined that with falling of a communistic mode, with an establishment of religious freedom on our Native land there are all preconditions to begin way to unification wherefore the Lord has called all of us a uniform mouth and uniform heart to glorify God .

This opinion is divided also by the head of the Russian foreign church who have recently declared that now the state in Russia does not oppose religion also that in the Russian leader there are people believing and sincere . In its opinion, reunion of two parts of Russian church will accelerate full and definitive revival of Russia, and orthodox Russia will take the place put to it in a family of the people and, perhaps, even will restore both political, and moral balance all over the world .

But there is a reason and at the Russian politicians to wish reunion of churches even if to put outside the brackets personal faith in God and an accessory to church.

Russia with incorporated church is one more step for the borders not in ekspansionistskom, and in tsivilizatsionnom sense. This natural joining to the world - next pereshagivanie through segregatsionnye barriers which all - taki remain in mentality of the West in relation to our country. Russia declares once again itself: we not at something separate, Post-Soviet, badly integrated into a world family, look, our culture, our spiritual beginnings easily sprout and on your soil. After all Russian Orthodox Church wards are in Europe, America, and a monastery near the Dignity - Frantsisko and the well-known father of Seraphim Rose, the American with the person of heroes of Dostoevsky, in Russia know and love it is not less, than the Russian shepherds. And not western - the focused intellectuals, and simple church grandmothers.

the Program of abiding of the lord of the Laurus in Russia will be extremely sated. The head of Foreign church will visit holy sites, including the Trinity - Sergievu monastery, Ekaterinburg where will visit on a place of execution of an imperial family, Kursk radical wilderness where the Kursk icon of Bozhiej of Mother, one of the most expensive relics of Russian dispersion has been shown.

However as the known seminary student deacon Andrey Kuraev has told in the comment, the lord of Monasteries already was in Russia on informal trips, without any solemn pomp went on monasteries and provincial wards and knows real life of an orthodox church firsthand.

the Inquiry

the Foreign church has been formed in Civil war by the Russian orthodox clergy who was in emigration, under the decree of Patriarch Tihona - the head of Russian Orthodox Church of that time. Now Russian foreign church unites outside of Russia about a half-million of the followers living more than in 30 countries.

After the termination of the Soviet period, in the conditions of come religious freedom Alex II some times was converted to Russian foreign church with an appeal to begin rapprochement process.