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Thrill after shock

Shiits grasp Bagdad

In the Bagdad on the night of Friday Americans evacuated almost all branches of police and municipality in Shiit suburb Sadr - city. It has occurred after fierce firing to the Iraq insurgents. Now this area is under complete control of Shiits from the organisation Army Mahdi . Its leader Muktada the expert - Sadr has some days ago called for revolt against foreign occupation.

Near a capital mosque of Umm al - Kurra in severo - east part of a city has thundered powerful explosion when believers gathered at an input for a Friday prayer.

Townsmen the Ale - Falludzha located in 60 kilometres to the West from the Iraq capital where since Sunday fights between the American marines and the armed guerrillas proceed, urgently leave a city and on foot leave on the south. Despite the message that between the American armies and the Iraq Islamic party with the assistance of Time operating advice of Iraq the arrangement on cease-fire for a period of 24 hours is reached, the American aircraft put is rocket - bombing attacks to a city.

the Death toll in Falludzhe as a result of fights has reached already 300 persons, more than 500 persons are wounded. Under messages of the Arabian TV channel Al - Dzhazira the American planes F - 16 have dumped needle bombs which concern weapons of mass destruction (OHM) on a city and are forbidden by the international convention.

Americans hurry on a gain to Bulgarians

the Bulgarian battalion a part of a multinational division and deployed in the city of Kerbela, the fifth days is under continuous bombardment. On the night of Friday Bulgarians together with the Polish military men have reflected attack Iraq the guerrilla on a building of local administration, having destroyed 21 attacking. On Polish the block - fast as a result of incident six pilgrims from Iran have been killed.

Yesterday the situation round a disposition of Bulgarians at which water-supplies and the foodstuffs come to an end, has so worsened that Americans have been urged to make decision to direct to them to the aid the mechanised brigade as a part of five thousand persons with helicopters of support and aircraft. It was declared by the chief of the Joint Staff of the Bulgarian army general Nikoloj Kolev. Earlier there 120 employees of military police of the USA and 100 fighters of local security service have been thrown. The big trouble calls that circumstance command of coalition forces that in the days off in Kerbela - one of sacred cities for Shiits - millions the pilgrims gathering for one of the main Shiit feasts are expected.

As passes Bi - bi - si, the Pentagon has declared that as a result of week fights with Shiits coalition forces have lost complete control over one more city in the south of Iraq - Nedzhefom.

almost occupational forces in Iraq only reflect attacks of the Shiit majority, sunnitskogo minority, Kurds and adherents eks - dictator Saddam Hussein. The passionless statistics is that: daily occurs to 30 attacks on invaders. And all observers mark all of them the big coordination and purposefulness. All operations of the Iraq insurgents are carefully planned now, and coalition armies sustain every day more and more notable losses in manpower and the technician.

News from Bagdad speak about that, as there the fragile armistice has stopped. Now occupational armies are urged to confront with the Iraq resistance in the name of various political, religious and ethnic groupings, organising revolts in various cities of the country.

Last war it has not turned out

Now struggle goes not with terrorism about what all time is spoken by US president Bush, and with the whole army of the despaired Iraqis which mosques from minarets or simply city squares call for resistance to foreign soldiers. Again we receive proofs: yes, one military power can defeat other military power. But the insurgent people cannot destroy or lead completely to political defeat. Especially in that case when aggressive armies belong to the democratic states. Washington not only, but also has tired out the allies in a strategic trap. Human losses grow, and the withdrawal of troops can be conceived as defeat. Quite probably that the present Iraq war begins right now when occupational armies should reflect attacks in all fronts of national struggle.

Present sharp growth of a wave of resistance against the occupational forces, begun already after the statement of head of the White house for the termination of operations, visually shows extreme fragility of strategy of conducting war in Iraq. Wars which should finish nonexistent danger and which has led to conflict occurrence there where it was not. Any war should become last, but it was not possible to any of them. And the basic explanation to that: using violent methods, it is difficult to achieve the world.