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Korea will direct new armies to Iraq

On Thursday eight Korean missionaries who are employees of Christian advice of Korea, have been detained in 250 km to the West from Bagdad by the Iraq insurgents. Ecclesiasts went on two automobile motor vehicles from Amman to the Iraq capital. Soon one woman managed to run away. As have informed the Korean news agencies, priests were going to participate in church opening ceremony in Mosul that in the north of Iraq.

In a captivity Koreans have stayed 14 hours during which the South Korean authorities made the most active efforts on clearing of the citizens. Diligence have crowned by success. According to missionaries, Iraqis have first accepted them for spies of CIA. But then have released, when were convinced that Koreans really missionaries. Persistent hearings that assurances of Koreans of their innocence have got for insurgents special persuasiveness after reception from hostages of 30 thousand dollars as the repayment However, go.

the Drama with South Korean hostages has got the new importance in the light of South Korean management already made before the decision to direct an additional contingent to Iraq. The South Korean contingent an aggregate number in 3600 persons becomes the third the largest, conceding only American and English.

While the South Korean authorities show the determination not to refuse the plans. On the eve of a drama with hostages the Minister for Foreign Affairs and foreign trade of Korea Ban Ki-moon has declared that sending will take place, as well as has been planned . Same he has confirmed and after incident with capture of priests.

to Iraq in addition to the physicians already working there and sappers Seoul has accepted the Decision on a direction of a new three-thousandth contingent rather reluctantly under strong pressure of Washington. Korea has thus refused flatly to participate in fighting operations, having declared that its soldiers will carry out in Iraq only peace problems - to build civil objects and to render medical aid to the population.


the Question on sending of a South Korean contingent to Iraq already became a thorny question of internal political life of Korea which in a week spends universal parliamentary elections. The official representative of oppositional Democratic party of new millenary Cho Mi E has underlined yesterday that it is necessary to reconsider the decision on sending of the Korean armies to Iraq as the situation there rolls down to full-scale war " more and more;.

the Government of Korea has insistently demanded from the fellow citizens not to go to Iraq, and it is ordered to citizens being there on private affairs to leave the country urgently. It is authorised to remain only to 14 diplomats and nine journalists.