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While in the cabinet are occupied utrjaskoj new structure and division of portfolios, strictly to ask to Fradkov from someone from heads of departments and it was not necessary. But structure formation comes to an end, after all the terms which have been taken away on it by the President, draw in, therefore and responsibility in an office it is offered to divide into everything that the country in the person knew the heroes.

the First heroes - Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin and its were - the future assistant Sergey Shatalov (it is supposed that the order about Tatyana Golikovoj and Sergey Shatalov`s purpose by deputy ministers of the finance will be signed in the near future) in the White house have decided to vest with responsibility for complex carrying out of tax reform. Partly it is logical, after all on tax reform Shatalov was engaged in working out of offers and at the prime minister Michael Kasyanov.

However, at that time it had the strongest counterbalance in the name of the minister of economic development Herman Gref and its assistants. Now and it will not be. Gref is not necessary to it, it recognised authority, simply ideal - considers the high-ranking source in the Government. Another is necessary to Shatalov: say that it simply academician in tax sphere and the only thing that did not suffice till now it, is a personal responsibility. there will be a publicity - realises also responsibility - absolutely sincerely confirm on Krasnopresnensky quay. And if also efficiency from this responsibility increases, it is possible to consider that tax reform on - minfinovski is simply daring. In general, full green light to financial impromptus which number the idea sounded at last session of the Government so not pleasant to businessmen concerns also, - about increase in the taxation of dividends. But to argue on how much financiers are right or not, there will be already nobody, and to be reconciled with tax innovations it is necessary to all.

- the Minister of health and social development of Michael Zurabova - present and future pensioners too learn now the Third hero, after all it will bear personal responsibility for their destiny.

As a rule, as a result obkatki new structure the status of one persons goes down, and the status of others - raises. In structure of the new cabinet, obviously, the status of the Ministry of economic development and trade and its head Herman Gref has more likely gone down, than has raised. From numerous assistants, according to a source in the Government to enter into number remained two has chance only Andrey Sharons. Fasts of advisers or directors of departments can be offered the rests. It is not excluded that Gref`s assistant - main Russian peregovorshchik on Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization Maxim Medvedkov can be appointed by the special representative of the President. in the Government possibility to lift its status is considered to underline importance of this business - the governmental source has told. Though fall of the status of some assistants to ministers who carried on negotiations with foreign colleagues, is not considered a special problem. In the White house it explain that not in all countries negotiations so ranzhirovany on posts and our negotiating processes are substantially simply personified in directions.

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Yesterday the prime minister - the minister Michael Fradkov has signed orders about functions of variety of the ministries, federal services and federal agencies. It is a question of functions of the ministries: the finance; Science and education; economic development and trade; the industry and power; agriculture. Functions of following federal services are defined: financially - budgetary supervision; on technical regulation and metrology; on nuclear supervision; on financial monitoring; on technological supervision; on intellectual property; to patents and trade marks; antimonopoly service; the state statistics; on supervision in transport sphere. Orders of the head of the government mention functions of following federal agencies: a cadastre of objects of real estate; on power; on management of federal property; on the state reserves; federal space agency; on the press and mass communications; on culture and cinematography; on the industry; on agriculture; on fishery; federal archival agency; communication agencies; a forestry; on building and housing - to municipal services; Sea and river transport; on nedropolzovaniju; a railway transportation; federal road agency; federal agency of air transport; water resources.

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