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Protection without degree

At present Andrey Svinarenko - almost a unique person. Anyway today with great difficulty it is possible to find in those top echelons of power who has no scientific degree. Svinarenko till now and has not had time to defend the dissertation.

It many years work in the top management of various departments. Last fast which occupied since 2000, - the first deputy of the minister of already former Mipromnauki of the Russian Federation. Its sphere - the industrial policy, increase of competitiveness of home producers, and also protection of their interests on internal and foreign markets. Under its management concepts of development of the Russian car industry, the metallurgical and chemical industry were developed, in particular.

But it only a part extensive economy Svinarenko. It supervised at once three departments - re-structurings of the enterprises and management of state ownership, support and protection of domestic commodity producers and cooperation with the international organisations, the industry and the innovative policy in the chemical industry. And also under it a wing there were two managements - coordination of legislative activity and interaction with chambers of the Federation Council and, at last, standardization and certifications.

Andrey Gennadevich - one of developers of the concept of Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization, the supporter of that this step has been made only under condition of protection of interests of the country. Besides, he responded in the ministry for inventory of scientific institutions.

As will divide spheres of influence two new deputy ministers? On this question in department yet do not make comments. Though it is possible to remember that Svinarenko - the co-chairman of the presidential program on preparation of operating shots for Russia.

Andrey Svinarenko in 1953 Was born, has graduated from the institute a national economy it. Plehanova.