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Japan tries to get out the

its answer to recent capture of three Japanese from among civilians in Iraq group of the armed persons calling " was that; the Shed al - mudzhahedin . Insurgents have demanded in three-day term to deduce a Japanese contingent from Iraq. Otherwise, as they say in the video message, hostages will be burnt alive.

the Prime minister, having called an emergency response centre, has allowed to ministers instructions to take all necessary measures for rescue of people. After tragical news land forces of self-defence of Japan have called all being in the South Iraq city of Es - Samava of Japanese urgently to arrive under their protection.

Within the limits of actions for rescue of hostages to Iraq through Jordan have already directed division of Japanese police special troops which will be engaged in gathering of intelligence about a site of hostages and will undertake attempts of their clearing.

On number and equipment of special troops it is informed nothing, but it is known, it already the seventh trip of this division abroad. Earlier in 1999 it was involved in liberating of the Japanese geologists who have come into the hands of terrorists in Kirghizia. Together with special division on fight against terrorism of the Main police administration from Japan has taken off also stats - the secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country - Itiro Aisava.

In turn the Minister of Defence of the USA who will be from April, 9 till April, 13th on a visit in Japan, making comments on statements of the Japanese party, has expressed satisfaction a position of the Country of a rising sun. it is good, a firm position, and we positively estimate it - he has declared. CHejni will have an audience at the Japanese emperor, will carry on negotiations from premieres - minister Dzjunitiro Koidzumi and Minister for Foreign Affairs Ioriko of Kawaguchi. In Tokyo the Iraq subject will be discussed also. The Japanese society is anxious by that conditions round 550 their military men who are in Iraq with humanitarian mission, the extremely intense and hostile.

News about capture in Iraq three Japanese and punishment threat over them, shocking all country, has led yesterday to large falling of actions at the Tokyo stock exchange. Following the results of the day auctions an index Nikkej reflecting the quotations of securities of 225 leading companies, has fallen more than on one and a half percent to level of 1187,51 yens.

Investors are disturbed by that adverse succession of events with hostages can seriously shake office positions led by prime minister Dzjunitiro Koidzumi and by that to make negative impact on Japanese economy. Along with actions in Tokyo the yen course in relation to dollar also has fallen.