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The journalist in the Kremlin

On new fast of Timakova will be engaged in the organisation of briefings and accreditation, archives, will be responsible for a photo - and video data, releases of decrees of the President, and also to supervise regional digests, activity three Kremlin Internet - sites. And, naturally, behind it on - former there are communications with mass-media.

Perhaps, Timakova became one of few officials which as a result of the carried out administrative reform have essentially strengthened the positions. Its management - one of the largest in Presidential Administration. If before administration Timakova reorganisation combined a management of Management a press - services with duties of the first deputy a press - the secretary of the President now she will head the integrated division where former Information management over which Igor Porshnev supervised has joined.

to have control over new the information monster Timakovoj will help not only rich hardware experience, but also a journalistic grasp - in due time Timakova was one of leading political analysts of the newspaper Kommersant . And, as have shown last four years of activity by Timakovoj, its journalistic experience at all has faded from the official work. At least all who communicates with her on work, assert that in a shower it all - taki remained the journalist. For Natalia Timakovoj new purpose - also some kind of a gift from the President by day of its birth. On April, 12th to it 29 years will be executed.

the Biography new a right hand the press - the secretary of President Dmitry Peskova also allows to draw a conclusion that this purpose - quite on a place . The graduate of institute of the countries of Asia and Africa at the Moscow State University Dmitry Peskov long time worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in 2000 has passed to work in Presidential Administration, there was the deputy chief of department a press - services, the assistant a press - the secretary. Sand knows English, Turkish and Arabian languages. In the Kremlin Peskovu needed time and again excellent knowledge Turkish - it translates Vladimir Putin during meetings with Turkish heads.

On new fast of Sand will be engaged it is information - coordination work: maintenance of interaction with enforcement authorities, monitoring of the Russian and foreign press, and also realisation of scale Kremlin projects like commemorating 300 - letija St.-Petersburg which was supervised by Dmitry Peskov. By the way, this part of work has demanded from Peskova a maximum of efforts. During preparation of a feast of Northern capital of Sand has practically moved to St.-Petersburg. However the spent efforts were worthy of it.