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Butefliku Its basic rival Ali Benflis, the leader of Front of national clearing who till 1989 remained unique political party of Algeria have re-elected

, has collected only 7,9 percent of votes. Others 4 applicants for the higher state fast, including the head of party of Islamic radicals and the leader trotskistskoj labour party have received also that less. 57,8 percent of the Algerian voters have taken part In voting.

On elections there were numerous international observers, including from the European union. The generals having in Algeria the big weight have kept the word: the army did not interfere with election campaign. Victory of Abdelaziza Butefliki numerous inhabitants of capital and other cities roughly greeted, announcements which have spontaneously gone out of doors right after of results of voting.

Victims on elections defeat candidates for presidents have begun to accuse the power of a juggling of results of voting. However they could not result any proofs. According to the Minister of Internal Affairs, elections have passed fairly. Shortly before elections the important amendment to the selective law which has allowed candidates and their representatives to observe both of a voting course on polling districts, and behind counting of votes has been passed.

67 - summer Abdelaziz Buteflika - one of historical leaders of the Algerians struggling against the French colonialism for the independence.

again re-elected president of Algeria during election campaign promised to make changes to the Constitution of the country which he intends to make in a greater degree presidential . Its problem there is a struggle against Islamic extremism which though has begun to decline in Algeria, nevertheless on - former represents serious danger. New threat is shown by a gaining in strength mafia and the organised crime behind which often there are all same military men.