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Tarantino will head jury

Last two years Kannu did not carry: its programs became more poor on masterpieces, and in 2003 - m its many favourites have declared that their films are not ready, and have given the novelties of Venice. As a result the city on a lagoon last year has obviously outstripped village in French riviera on quality of the program and justice of decisions of jury.

Cannes tries to return itself leadership, obviously hoping for the nou - hau: this festival - big mastak on scandals. It is enough to remind noise which has arisen in a press and public after award of the main actor`s prizes to amateur actors in a film of brothers of Dardenn the Resette or last year`s uvenchanie the Golden Palm of a film of Gasa Van Santa the Elephant so experimental and deadlock on stylistics, what even the reputation Cannes gran - the prize-winner has not helped it to make the way in hire.

this year Cannes has invited in chairmen of jury of Quentin Tarantino, than has already declared the hopes of the next scandal. Tarantino`s already coming on the Cannes podium in 1995 was scandalous: it Pulp fiction it was accepted public very frostily, and to a film of Gran - at smokingovyj the hall has met a message about award by whistle. In the further Tarantino Kann ignored, the Jackie Brown has given to Berlin, but there lauruses has not got and to Europe has ceased to go on a broader scale. Now after Umy Turman fighting exploits in a film to Kill Bill he again in a fashion also will head the Cannes jury, and this in itself promises additional tricks and surprises.

the Competitive program is not declared yet. But it is already known that celebration of the greatest film studio of the world - " becomes one of the focal points; Underground Goldvin Mayer (MGM) on the occasion of it 80 - summer anniversary. As always in Kanne, it is necessary to consider this event sign: constantly showing the distantsirovannost from Hollywood and adherence to the European traditions, Cannes this time has considered it necessary to make pleasant to Americans. Rather in due time: absence of the first Hollywood stars on Kruazett and new American blockbusters in programs always does ambitious Cannes more boringly and seree. As a result at solemn ceremony of closing of festival the premiere of a new musical (firm genre MGM) under untranslatable name De - lovely (a word from a popular song of Kola of Malt liquor It " on May, 22nd will take place; s De - lovely). It is the film biography of the well-known American composer, the author of the most favourite melodies of a planet. It was put by Irvin Uinkler with Kevin Klein in a role of Kola of Malt liquor, Eshli Judd in a role of his wife Linda, and also Dzhonatanom the Price and Robinom Williams.

the Feast of closing of the Cannes festival will last this time two days running: On Saturday the president of jury Tarantino will inton new winners, then all will go to listen to Kola of Malt liquor and will not fall asleep till Sunday when on the Cannes screens will pass gala - parade of newly-baked prize-winners of all four Cannes competitive programs.