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The court over the Russians accused of murder of Yandarbiev

On court has begun there were representatives of embassy of the Russian Federation in Qatar and lawyers of the accused. Accusation in participation in Yandarbiev`s murder has been brought to our fellow citizens. As the Russian ambassador in Qatar Victor Kudryavtsev has declared: the Concrete formulation of charge becomes known later . Head of the Russian diplomatic mission in the Fur-coat has informed also that about the beginning of process appointed to Sunday morning the embassy knew the day before at night according to the lawyer of arrested persons.

the Information on the litigation beginning appeared in mass-media and earlier. It declared some days ago the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Qatar Hamad ben Dzhasem ben Dzhaber Al Tani. However further the authorities emirata have refuted its statement.

At the moment of number signing it was known that accused did not recognise itself guilty. Following session of court will pass in four weeks.

Moscow continues to demand clearing of the Russian citizens. The Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov has declared: We were converted to a Qatar management with the requirement that possibility free has been given the Russian citizens to return home .