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Vladimir Klichko is sent in a knockout

In fight for a rank of the world champion the Ukrainian boxer considered as the unconditional favourite has lost a technical knockout in the fifth round to American Lamonu Brjusteru.



This duel is very important not only for Vladimir, but also for me, - the Steward, the trainer of brothers of Klichko and in due time trainer Lenoksa Lewis has told. - it will be original examination of my work. Very many promoters in America have been upset by that I have preferred to work with Vitaly and Vladimir`s their fighters. To catch me, they offered very good conditions. So for me Vladimir`s victories and Vitaly are very important. Otherwise it will be necessary to laugh simply me . Correctly speak, there is no prophet in the fatherland...

On a course of action of Klichko had overwhelming advantage and in the fourth round has sent the American in a knock-down, justifying rates of bookmaker offices which put eleven against one Ukrainian on victory. But Brjuster has stood after crushing blows and could collect the strength. According to journalists observing a match, Brjustera could rescue only the one and only blow in which it was necessary to enclose all rest of forces. On the fifth round the black giant has sent Vladimir in a knock-down. Till the end of a round remains half-minute. Each following blow of Brjustera could mean the duel termination - Vladimir was on the last legs, but all - taki stood. However, as soon as the gong has sounded, it has failed on a ring and only by means of the judge could reach the corner. Having seen that the Ukrainian not in a status to continue fight, the referee has included to it a knockout and has given a champion rank of Brjusteru. And Klichko long came to the senses and at once from a ring has gone to hospital. As one of members of a trainer`s staff of brothers has declared, this measure had preventive character.

Now, according to many experts, Vladimir Klichko`s career is finished. Hardly the well-known boxer can be restored after such unexpected defeat. Experts assert that last duels have made it the punched boxer - the fighter which not in a status to hold blow.