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The Petersburg ring goes cracks

About it at the meeting devoted to questions of building KAD, has declared the professor of College of mines Regina Dashko. The meeting has been called at the initiative of Department of the state control in sphere of wildlife management of the Ministry of natural resources on Severo - to the Western district. We will remind: in November the department spent checks on KAD and has found out that works are conducted without the conclusion of ecological examination. Then on the majority of sites building has been suspended. Contractors have obliged to develop the plan of measures on preservation of the environment and to present its managements of building and to a department management.

And here the terms which have been taken away on working out of ecological actions come to an end, and from some contractors of the answer and are not present. It thus that, under the statement of the head of management on building of transport detour of St.-Petersburg Egor Tratnikova, works are renewed on all sites.

the Meeting is live has reminded an old proverb of a dog, unsuccessfully oblaivajushchej a going caravan. All remarks of ecologists and geologists broke about Egor Tratnikova`s iron calmness.

- it is not clear, why at bridge designing through Neva nobody has paid attention to destiny of the bridge of Alexander Nevsky located nearby? - Got excited professor Dashko. - After all that in forty years has sagged on 24 centimetres. And the new bridge build on the same gruntah. Here the rock against which bridge support duly should lean very deeply lies down. Besides environment in which there will be support, is very biologically active also designs will be corroded. Without saying that this territory falls. It is necessary to organise monitoring from first day then not to appear before the fact of the big failure.

- In the end of May we will invite all of you to ceremony of the termination of assemblage of the bridge. Forty - that years it will stay, - mister Tratnikov easy declares.

- It is necessary to book ecological audit of all project, - leaning against opinion of geologists and ecologists, the chief executive of the City centre of examinations - ecology Yury Mashkin offers.

- If want, can make in parallel any examination. But for object full responsibility is born by state commission on the acceptance, formed by the ministry, and she - that and will solve, a leah corresponds the project to ecological norms or not, - Tratnikov parries.

- We cannot develop action for preservation of the environment as on dvuhsotmetrovom a site there was a weak ground for two weeks. Precisely such about what to us just spoke Regina Dashko. And we now think how to change technology of building on this site. And if we do not know, how we will conduct building, about what plan of works on preservation of the environment there can be a speech, - one of contractors explains the position.

- In the general project of action on OOS have been registered, and you need to adjust a little only them to the conditions. And as to a ground so in the same project and about a ground all has been written so for you it should not be unexpectedness, - the head of management on building KAD (though, we will notice, geologists in eager rivalry say that engineering - geological and hydrological researches by project preparation were spent not to the full) cuts off.

in general, the building management, as a matter of fact, the same as their predecessors, obviously hurries up faster to finish building. Even defects on already handed over sites do not frighten them. In reply to a question why on a cloth of already constructed road cracks have gone, mister Tratnikov confidently explains that it is new technology and... And should be. Neither it is a lot of nor a little.

have well, solved, on an insisting of a deputy head of Department of the state control in sphere of wildlife management of Oleg Nikitkina, to create a commission of experts which should solve: expediently or not to spend additional engineering - geological works on line KADa? While the commission will work, look, and more pair of sites of a highway will have time to hand over.

the File

Building of the Ring highway round St.-Petersburg under the initial, predesign estimate should manage in 24 billion roubles.

After working out in January, 2002 of the civil-engineering design the sum of expenses on building has been increased to 65 billion. Thus the quantity of strips KAD has decreased with declared twelve to four, and term of delivery of object, to the contrary, has increased - since 2003 to 2005 - go. And that not all district highway, but only its east half ring.

In 2002 - 2003 on the instructions of the President Ring the Audit Chamber, the Main control management, Kontrolno - auditing management of the Ministry of Finance densely were engaged. As a result have come to opinion that the estimate is overestimated. Having spent a number of tenders, it have reduced to 50,5 billion. Thus that on a course of works it is found out that grunty, for example, in many places more difficult, than it was supposed that or will lead to project rise in price, or (that is more probable) will force contractors to search for ways of reduction in price. In what it results, it is visible already on first stage KAD. It have laid on so-called lean concrete, and in 10 months on a roadbed cracks have gone.