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On Smolnom will give up as a bad job

we Will remind that in 2001 over Petersburg terrible hurricane was carried by. The raged elements vyvorotila with a root more than 200 trees, have crumpled the well-known Neva lattice of the Summer garden, at the same time having crippled one of sculptures. And the lightning has got to a central cross of Smolnogo of a cathedral bent by a storm. Its basis has cracked, and 6 - a metre large object, having described a freakish arch in air, was stuck into a roof. Journalists then povytaskivali in this world every possible legends. The pier, all misadventures of a temple have begun after one of workers was hung up under a dome during building. And cross falling after almost century - one more sign.

But this incident was not a sign, and became natural result of the relation to a building.

it was declared three years ago by the director cultural - expocentre a smolnyj cathedral Victor Gribanov, it declare and now committee-men, which surveyed domes and Sobora Voskresenija Slovushchego crosses (so it precisely is called) after the hurricane which has decapitated it. It has appeared that to an ill-starred lightning stroke cathedral inspection was spent in 1946. And as at all this complex it is a lot of owners, to agree it among themselves it was very difficult. Thus, cross falling has played a positive role. Money for temple restoration as a whole and a cross in particular have been found. Masters have restored the cracked and broken relic created under the project of Rastrelli. And here the helicopter with the restored cross (6 metres in height and 4 metres in width) was going to fly up all today`s morning up from the Hare island.

the cross has been delivered To Kronverk still one week ago directly from a restoration workshop. There it was consecrated with metropolitan Sankt - Petersburg and Ladoga Vladimir. There at specially collected stand pilots and assemblers trained. Today installation process how much will last, anybody does not know. But all are assured that the gold cross will begin to shine again over Petersburg.

Other events of the decade devoted to the International day of protection of monuments: in schools of Petersburg will pass lessons of protection of a cultural heritage. In Sankt - the Petersburg state university conference " will take place; Vandalism. Sources and ways of struggle . In art - industrial academy there will pass the master - a class - students will create posters against vandalism which will hang out in streets of Northern capital.

And on April, 18th Petersburgers and city visitors can visit protected historical objects where in usual days it is impossible to get. This day it is authorised to drive excursions even in the ancient private residences occupied with power structures, such as, for example, private residence H - Maltsev in whom there is a Central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on Severo - to the Western federal district.