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In Volgograd the pensioner has sold the house to construct theatre of dolls

In settlement Solar on suburb of Volgograd the puppet theatre has opened. It was constructed on the money by simple pensioner Vladimir Kozlov.

To Solar transport does not go. Final minibuses coincides with the asphalt end, further - on foot on proselku. However, settlement cottage, houses sound. Instead of so a long time the puppet theatre here has opened - children for children show performances.

Money in its building, there is more than one million roubles, the oligarch, and the simple Volgograd pensioner Vladimir Kozlov, all life worked the driver at metal works " has enclosed not; Red October . To construct a theatre building, he has sold the house. And money has passed the art director, the daughter Nina Archakovoj who puts three years performances with children. The family of Archakovyh has got over in Solar in 2000, having sold three-room apartment in prestigious dormitory area and having bought a box not trimmed cottage. Then in settlement there lived 25 persons (now - about thousand), completely there was no infrastructure. It was necessary to be under construction, co-operate with the authorities, the design organisations.

Money to me to what, here also has decided them to start up on common cause, - was explained by the act Vladimir Vladimirovich Kozlov

So it has turned out that Nina Archakova has incurred the most part of this work. Became chairman TOSa " later; Solar and her son Alexey - the vice-president on work with children and youth. Alexey also has suggested to create a circle for children. At first it was the studio which has grown in puppet theatre. Hudruk and the main director - again - taki Nina Archakova.

Rehearsals of the first performances passed that in not completed house of Archakovyh more reminding a building site, directly in the street or in a kitchen garden. Practically on a knee thought out and created dolls and suits, drew scenery.

- the Father looked - looked at our rehearsals, has then told: Will suffice to suffer - Nina Archakova tells. - He has decided to sell the house, to get over to live to us, and money to spend for puppet theatre building.

- I am old already, money to me to what, therefore has decided them to start up on common cause, - have explained the act Vladimir Vladimirovich Kozlov.

Here also it has turned out that near to the big house of Archakovyh the small theatre with the present scene, auditorium, an equipment room, a premise for a requisite - " has grown; Solar It is left named so in memory of sons of Archakovyh, Alexey and Vladimir. The family of Archakovyh has worried successively two terrible tragedies. Five years ago younger son Vladimir has died of sharp warm insufficiency. And three years ago as a result of accident the senior, Alexey was lost. But there were their children - Vladimir Vladimirovicha`s great-grandsons, eleven-year Leonid and six-year Vladik. Vlad - the actor of theatre, and his mother Elena Antonova - the director on a sound and light.

is a business my grandsons began, they wanted to work with children, - Vladimir Kozlov speaks. - let there will be a theatre in memory of grandsons.