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Yulia Timoshenko husband has received a political asylum in Czechia

Eks - the prime minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko grows roots on a new place near Kharkov where it has begun otbyvatnaznachennoe court punishment.

Timoshenko is in female correctional facility N 54, a so-called Kachanovsky colony.

Here it have translated from Kiev on the eve of New Year`s feasts, a week later after its complaint to already pronounced seven-year sentence has not been satisfied by appeal instance, and under the law term of departure of punishment has begun. However, even behind a fence of a colony of Timoshenko remains in a pre-trial detention centre as investigation of other criminal cases raised by law enforcement bodies of Ukraine against it, still proceeds.

Other business that this insulator differs to the best from the Lukjanovsky pre-trial detention centre. Judging by the photos published by penitentiary service, Timoshenko lives hardly probable not in a class hotel room a suite with a kitchen corner, a separate bathroom and all necessary home appliances.

However, defenders eks - a premiere here again have found a minus - night-time lighting which concluded, as they said, torment. In colony administration have hastened to explain that the night lamp bulb has capacity only five watt. And this weak light is directed to a ceiling that in any way does not disturb to a healthy dream. Illumination is necessary for round-the-clock video observation which is conducted including on purpose warranting of a personal security of prisoners . the State penitentiary service of Ukraine underlines that the information extended by representatives of protection of J.Timoshenko, does not respond the validity - Almost each press - the release which is let out by the State penitentiary service of Ukraine (GPtSU) in reply to the next complaints of protection comes to an end with these words.

It seems, the intrigue round health of the main concluded Ukraine was resolved. It, according to in GPtSU, quite satisfactory. Past Saturday contrary to tactics selected earlier drops of blood to a Ministry of Health Julia Vladimirovna itself has asked on inspection which has taken place in one of clinics of Kharkov.

to It have made the clinical analysis of blood and two kinds of a tomography. results of inspection confirm initial conclusions of the commission of a Ministry of Health of Ukraine. The diseases demanding additional treatment, at Timoshenko it is not revealed. Results of clinical inspection of its blood are not beyond norm. Now Timoshenko`s state of health satisfactory, it abides under constant medical supervision - confirm in penitentiary service.

Protection has responded to it only that at eks - the premiere on - former is ill a back.

It will a little be co-ordinated with sounding still couple of months back panic statements of its defenders about hardly probable not fast death of the client. By the way, about a back: as Raisa Moiseenko, Timoshenko has declared the first deputy minister of public health services of Ukraine during last survey has agreed to raise impellent activity and to carry out rehabilitation gymnastics.

While Timoshenko etapirovali in a colony, her husband Alexander (being, by the way, in the status of the official defender of the wife) has received a political asylum in Czechia. Earlier in this country has disappeared from inevitable arrest and eks - the Minister of Economics in Timoshenko Bogdan Danilishin`s government.

Judging by that in party eks - a premiere Batkivshchina Flatly refuse to make comments on Alexander Timoshenko`s actual runaway from the country, its act has not been co-ordinated neither with party leadership, nor with the wife. However, as local observers mark, actually spouses do not live together more than ten years. Besides it was found out that in Czechia Alexander Timoshenko has an elite habitation and small business.