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Yulia Timoshenko husband will create the international organisation Batkivshchina

the Husband disgraced eks - the premiere of Ukraine of Yulia Timoshenko Alexander, received a political asylum in Czechia, has told, than will be engaged far from the native land and from the wife.

In radio station interview Freedom he has declared that will create the international public organisation (MOO) Batkivshchina (or on - russki - the Native land ) . Together with colleagues we base the international public association Batkivshchina . Main objectives of its work, in particular, is the analysis of actions of the today`s power and its criminal activity on a robbery of Ukraine, illumination of actions of the power of Yanukovych in foreign editions, constant monitoring of observance of human rights and freedom of citizens, and also democracy principles in Ukraine - Alexander Timoshenko has told.

it is necessary to explain that formally conceived Timoshenko - the husband public organisation is not branch or regional branch of the party with the same name Batkivshchina which his wife continues to head. However parallels are obvious.      

According to Alexander Timoshenko, documents on check in are already submitted, and within a month the organizational meeting should take place. Thus his daughter - Evgenie Timoshenko can become the honourable president of public organisation.

we Plan to select honourable president MOO Batkivshchina to Evgenie Timoshenko. The structure of founders will include also known public figures as from Ukraine, so from other countries of the world - the husband eks - a premiere has told.  

Besides, it has explained logic of the inconsistent act - actual flight from the country. I do not want to give to Yanukovych more possibility of pressure upon the leader of opposition, and the political asylum is for me a unique way to achieve it - has explained Timoshenko.

In the meantime daughter Timoshenko Evgenie (one month ago returned to a maiden name, before she was Evgenie Karr) is not tired to deny hearings about the possible ward to a big-times politics.   I do not want to politicise, I spoke about it to all and always. I do not see myself in the politician - has declared the daughter eks - a premiere in interview to one of the Ukrainian TV channels.

The matter is that in the end of December some Ukrainian mass-media have extended the information,   as if Yulia Timoshenko co-workers on the threshold of parliamentary elections intend to make her daughter to Evgenie the head   parties Batkivshchina . It, ostensibly, is necessary that the surname which has become by a brand Timoshenko on the lawful bases it could be used in election campaign, so far as Julia Vladimirovna will not participate in these elections, and the party risks to lose hardly probable not the main trump - a surname and a light image of the leader. Thus neither the daughter, nor the husband obviously were not torn to the real political activity fraught with the conflict to the authorities.  

Judging by Alexander and Evgenie`s last words, the third variant arranging all has been chosen - Timoshenko will head Batkivshchinu but not party, and public organisation with office in Czechia. In turn bailed party leaders all - taki can use in propaganda surname so valuable to them in one sheaf with Batkivshchinoj .