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Chechens prayed at Lev Tolstoi tomb

They stood under is grey - the blue December sky and, looking before itself on combined “ the Koran “ hands, prayed.

Chechens. The father and the son. Prayed at a tomb of the great writer, Russian count Lev Tolstoi. Prayed as sincerely, with concentration and frostily as more recently prayed at a tomb of twenty five fighters raboche - to country Red Army, victims in several kilometres from here on approaches to the Clear Glade behind which was Tula and Moscow.

Seventy years ago here, in fierce Russian winter, from a far Chechen aul Old Atagi has come, having attributed to the age two years, sixteen-year fellow Andarbek Makaev. In sixteen it was the man. Who, except men, could stop a coming infernal avalanche? And it has stopped it. Here, at the gate of the Clear Glade. On a threshold of Moscow. And having stopped, was missing on long thirty with superfluous years.

Then there was a fight for caucasus. My father, sergeant Leonid Oparin called still in 1939 - m from the Altay village Lavrentevka, was in that fight.

In the mid-seventies one of nephews of Andarbeka Makaeva became the student of the Moscow high school. The classmate, the girl from the Tula area as - that has asked the young Chechen: and a leah is not present among its relatives of the soldier who has lost in the war with the same surname? In the homeland, in settlement Field Shchekinsky area of the Tula area, on a communal grave she saw a surname Makaev. All has coincided: a surname, a name, a rank,  destruction date. So Andarbek Yakubovich Makaev has ceased to be “ the missing person “ having found an eternal soldier`s residence permit in settlement Field.

Has passed as early as thirty years. Ancient harm has managed to launch war in that country which was the general native land to soldiers of 1941. Children and grandsons reposing in communal graves have shed blood each other. But it was necessary to harm to recede, and again call of victims forces descendants to come and bow to that earth for which their ancestors shed blood.

They stood and prayed. Two Chechens - the mature man and absolutely the boy. The veteran of Chechen militia Isa Zajnadievich and the fifth-grader groznenskoj schools Umar Isaevich Makaevy. Prayed at a tomb jasnopoljanskogo the aged man reposing in one earth with staroataginskim by young man Andarbekom Makaevym and thousand thousand other, upheld in that WAR this PEACE.

the Inquiry

In days of war the Clear Glade has appeared in occupied territory. Invaders ruthlessly destroyed relics of the Clear Glade, Tolstoy`s personal things. Has been cut down jablonevyj a garden, Tolstoy`s furniture went on a fire chamber. Volkonsky`s house has been transformed into hospital. Before clearing of the Clear Glade by the Soviet armies Germans have burnt school, a forest area building, an ambulance station.

238 - I the shooting division protecting Moscow and releasing the Tula area, was formed in Kazakhstan. 32 - I the tank brigade which has released the Clear Glade and settlement Field, was formed in Siberia.