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For successful career it is required knowledge of two foreign languages

mum Spoke to you: Learn English, learn! and you were lazy? Mum, as always, was right: now without good foreign language skills (it is better-) to count two on prestigious and highly paid work it is not necessary. This trend, along with other, experts rekrutingovoj have revealed companies Antal Russia, having analysed labour market tendencies in 2011 and having made the forecast on 2012 - j.

- We expect growth of demand for strong managers on sales and the experts, capable to optimise an expense as it usually occurs during the uneasy periods for economy, - operating director Antal Russia Michael Germershauzen speaks. - rates of hiring of the personnel Will grow in regions that became an appreciable tendency for last months.

the great demand on managers on sales in sectors IT/ Telecom, B2B (business for business), FMCG (the goods of daily demand) and pharmaceutics Is saved. Besides traditional requirements - expertise and free possession of English, - employers even more often pay attention to personal plans of sales of competitors. Practice peremanivanija the best experts at competitors with increase of their income on 20 - 30 %, and also attraction of the foreign experts having experience in Russia is extended.

the Great demand on professionals in the field of economy and the finance.

- In the automobile market demand for professionals in the field of a brand management in connection with structural changes of large players recently has grown, - the senior manager of department rekrutmenta in the field of sales and marketing Antal Russia Ekaterina Baharev speaks. - Employers prefer to take people from the companies of the same sector, however professionals with experience in FMCG also successfully maintain a competition. In industrial sector in special deficiency experts of an average administrative link on a position of the main thing power, the chief engineer, the manager on quality, heads of various services (for example, operation services). To find such people difficult from - for rigid requirements, among which experience in the same segment of the market and free knowledge of a foreign language.

- In 2012 experts in sphere IKT will be very claimed, - the leading expert of the personnel centre " considers; JUNITI Vitaly Lavrentev. - And also experts in the field of geology, investigations and workings out of minerals, oil and gas business. In a motor transportation complex experts in the organisation and management of traffic are required. There will be many vacancies for working specialities, and the prestige them has gradually started to rise: at some enterprises the salary of highly skilled workers is comparable to the salary of the manager of an average link.

- In 2012 wide prospects for professionals will open in telecommunications, nanotehnologijah, oil and gas, power, financially - bank sectors and, certainly, on sales, - is assured and the leading adviser rekrutingovogo agencies Penny Lane Personnel Ella Mihajlova. - And not only because here it is possible to achieve financial well-being or to fill a line in the resume. Here it is a lot of possibilities and for personal self-realisation.