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The known Soviet scout

the Legendary Armenian scout, the Hero of Soviet Union Gevork Vardanjan has died has died some hours ago in Botkinsky hospital in Moscow on 87 - m to year of life, informs RIA Novosti news agency.

the cancer became the Cause of death.

Gevork Andreevich Vardanjan was born on February, 17th, 1924 in Rostov-on-Don in Andrey Vasilevicha Vardanjana family, the Iranian citizen, the director maslobojnogo factory.

In 1930 when Gevorku was six years, the family has left to Iran. His father has been connected with the Soviet external investigation and has left the USSR under its task. Under cover of commercial activity Andrey Vasilevich conducted active prospecting secret-service work. Under the influence of father Gevork became the scout.

It has cast in the lot with the Soviet investigation in 16 years when in February, 1940 has come into direct contact with rezidenturoj People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs in Teheran. On the instructions of resident Gevork has headed a task force on revealing of a fascist agency and Hitlerite scouts in Teheran and other Iranian cities. Only for two years its group has established nearby 400 persons anyhow connected with the German investigation.

In 1942 to Amir (the operative pseudonym) was necessary to carry out the special prospecting task. In spite of the fact that Great Britain was the ally of the USSR on an Antihitlerite coalition, it did not prevent to conduct to Englishmen against the USSR blasting work. Englishmen have created prospecting school in which typed young men with knowledge of Russian for the subsequent them zabroski with reconnaissance tasks to Central Asia and Transcaucasia in Teheran. On the instructions of the Center Amir has taken root into intelligence school has passed in it a training complete course. Teheran rezidentura has received the detail information about the school and its cadets. Thrown on territory of the USSR graduates of school were neutralised or pereverbovyvalis and worked under a cap the Soviet counterspionage.

Amir took active part in safety of leaders the big three at the Teheran conference in November - December, 1943. In 1951 has been taken out to the USSR and has ended faculty of foreign languages of the Yerevan state university.

Then long-term work of the scout - the illegal immigrant in extreme conditions and difficult conditions in the various countries has followed. Always near to Gevorkom Andreevichem there was his wife Goar who has passed together with it a long way in investigation, - the scout - the illegal immigrant, the gentleman of order of the Red Banner and many other awards.

Business trip abroad of spouses of Vardanjan lasted more than 30 years.

From last business trip scouts have returned in the autumn of 1986. In some months Goar Levonovna has retired, and Gevork Andreevich continued to minister till 1992. Merits in prospecting activity of Gevorka Andreevicha Vardanjana have been noted by a rank of the Hero of Soviet Union, many orders and medals, and also the higher departmental awards.

In spite of the fact that colonel Vardanjan was in resignation, he continued to work actively in SVR: to meet young employees of various divisions of external investigation whom passed on the rich operative experience.