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Consultation of the lawyer: the Right rasporjazhentsa on reception of ware property

the Question:

I rasporjazhenets with 21. 12. 2009 Since 2008 ware property did not receive. A leah I have is right to receive all ware property put on norm?


the Answer:

According to point 20 Rules of possession, using and the order ware property, and also banno - prachechnogo service in a peace time confirmed by the Governmental order of the Russian Federation 390 from June, 22nd, 2006 About ware maintenance in Federal enforcement authorities in which the Federal law provides military service, in a peace time primary delivery of ware property is made:

the Military man makes the subsequent delivery:

you have the right to reception of subjects of ware property according to corresponding norm of supply by ware property of military men in a peace time after term socks given out to you before subjects.

Alexander Tomenko, the military lawyer

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