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The court has suspended sessions on business of Mubaraka

court Sessions on business eks - the president of Egypt Hosny Mubarak, his sons of Alja and Gamalja, and also the former management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and large businessman Hussein Salema are suspended till January, 17th. On it informs RIA Novosti news agency referring to   the main judge on Ahmed Rifaata`s process.

According to its decision, since this date and within a month, up to February, 16th inclusive, lawyers of defendants will act.

On Monday and Tuesday during judicial sessions the court has heard performances of lawyers of victims in days of January popular uprising, and also families of victims. Lawyers of victims consider that, despite lacking direct proofs of the order shoot at demonstrators, nevertheless, such actions could not to be carried out without the knowledge of the country top management.

Head of the command of lawyers of demonstrators Of Ashur has demanded for defendants of a supreme penalty. Thus observers noticed that performances of lawyers, basically, concerned not to an essence of a considered problem, and resembled political speeches on accusation of a mode of Mubaraka more.

Mubarak and the former management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Egypt are accused of participation in execution of peace demonstrators during revolt in the beginning of 2011.

In days of revolt in Egypt 850 persons were lost nearby, some thousand have got wounds. On January, 28th became one of the most bloody days for all time of national performances. Then in Egypt mass riots, pogroms and arsons, robberies of shops which have led to death also to wounds of many demonstrators, simple citizens, law enforcement officers have begun. In Cairo, Alexandria and Suez tens police stations have been burnt and plundered, thousand belonging Ministries of Internal Affairs of cars are destroyed. To restore an order it was possible only after input in the Egyptian cities of divisions of armed forces.