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To South Korea have got over more than 23 thousand refugees from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea

Quantity of the former citizens of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea which have got over to South Korea, has exceeded figure in 23 thousand persons. On it has informed on January, 11th the Ministry of association of South Korea.

According to department, on the end of last year number of North Korean refugees which have appeared in the south, has made 23 100 persons. Only in 2011 to South Korea 2 379 North Koreans 70 percent from which have made women have got over. In comparison with 2010, number of refugees has grown for 15 percent.

In the ministry notice that number of deserters from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea began to grow considerably from the middle 1990 - h years. Principal causes which urge North Koreans to leave the native land, are economic neobustroennost. In 1998 to South Korea for a year 947 North Koreans have got over, then from year to year this figure grew, having exceeded a mark of 2000 persons in a year in 2006. The record has been established in 2009 - 2 927 deserters for a year.

we Will notice that from the very beginning among a mass stream of deserters women dominated. At the same time in South Korea refugees from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea not always manage to be arranged well in a new capitalist society. Very few people from them adequately is able to be converted with computers and knows English that is extremely necessary for employment in South Korea.

Besides, in itself refugees in overwhelming majority - representatives of layers having little education. As a result among North Korean refugees and in the south much more low level of incomes, than in South Korea as a whole, and a crime rate - in three - four times above.