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Scientists - pacifists have translated arrows on hours of the day of doom

In the USA arrows forward are translated to one minute symbolical hours of the day of doom . Now they show 23 hours of 55 minutes. That is to nuclear midnight remains five minutes. On it informs ITAR - TASS.

Hours of the day of doom showing approach of a nuclear apocalypse, belong to the American magazine the Bulletin of scientists - atomshchikov . The edition has been based by scientists of the Chicago university who participated in creation of the nuclear weapon, but became pacifists, having terrified by consequences of nuclear bombardments of Japan.

Last time on this mark the hand was in 2007. Last year it did not move at all, and in 2010 - m even has been translated on a minute ago.

At decision-making on switching hours of the day of doom Publishers of magazine are guided by several factors - presence of motions in negotiations on nuclear disarmament and non-distribution, a state of affairs in peace atomic engineering, possibility of carrying out of act of terrorism with use of the nuclear weapon. In January, 2007 the decision that while translating the marksman will be considered also danger which represents planet climate change for people was accepted.

the Hours which have appeared for the first time on a cover of magazine in 1947 right at the beginning cold war initially showed 23:53, seven minutes till midnight. From the moment of the existence of an arrow hours of the day of doom 20 times were translated.