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The expert: a Fobos - the Ground will fall far from densely populated areas

Tragedy of interplanetary station a Fobos - the Ground has closely come nearer to an outcome. Fragments of the Russian device can already fall to the ground today.

By Russian Space Department calculations, the device will descend from an orbit during the period from January, 10 till January, 21st with the central date - on January, 15th. Experts of agency believe that planet surfaces can reach tens fragments in gross weight about 200 kgs.

on a main point about where fragments " will fall; a Fobos it is impossible while precisely to respond. Name only broad band approximately from London in the north to Chilean Punta - Arenas in the south (from 51,4 degrees of northern width to 51,4 degrees of southern latitude) where many largest megacities enter. As has told on Tuesday to Messages the senior research assistant of department of physics of planets from Institute of space researches of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Rodin, risk of falling of space garbage in densely populated areas is minimum. it is obvious that it will be not densely populated area of the Earth. It it is possible to tell now for certain and consequently any danger here is minimum. It is more, I think, here anything it is impossible to tell - Rodin has shared.

Earlier referring to the given Commands air - space defence of the North America (NORAD) it was informed that a Fobos - the Ground in the Afghani province Helmand ostensibly can fall.

automatic interplanetary station a Fobos - the Ground more than 13 tons have been started by weight on November, 9th, 2011. It should orbit Mars and in parallel with remote researches of a planet lands on its companion a Fobos the landing module. After a fence of tests of a ground the lander should come back to the Earth. Project cost by informal estimations has made about five billions roubles. However leave on a flight trajectory to Mars the device could not.