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Causes of accident a Fobos name on January, 26th

the Official conclusion about the reasons of a supernumerary situation with the Russian interplanetary station a Fobos - the Ground got stuck on otletnoj to an orbit to Mars, it will be presented on January, 26th. On it RIA Novosti news agency was informed by the head of the interdepartmental commission of Russian Space Department under the analysis of flight of station, eks - head Rosaviakosmosa Yury Koptev nowadays holding fast of the chairman scientifically - technical advice of state corporation Rostehnologii .

on January, 26th we will present the Official conclusion to the head of Russian Space Department Vladimir Popovkinu - he has told. According to Kopteva to name a station cause of accident while it is premature. tentative data will be presented on Friday when at us corresponding session will be held. After Friday I will be ready to tell to you something more certain - the head of the interdepartmental commission has specified.

In December, 2011 Russian Space Department has created the interdepartmental commission on the analysis of the reasons of a supernumerary situation with the device a Fobos - the Ground the first Russian automatic station for 15 years. In NPO a name of Lavochkina   where the device was developed, the internal commission too is organised. there is a check of all materials how projected the device as it prepared as works " were conducted; - RIA Novosti news agency Victor Hartov, the general director - genkonstruktor NPO a name of Lavochkina earlier has told.

Where will fall a Fobos - the Ground - it is not known

On a main point about that yet where fragments " will fall; a Fobos if they it is reached surfaces of the Earth, Russian Space Department management yet does not respond. The Russian experts name only broad band approximately from London in the north to Chilean Punta - Arenas in the south (from 51,4 degrees of northern width to 51,4 degrees of southern latitude) where many largest megacities enter. As has told on Tuesday to Messages the senior research assistant of department of physics of planets from Institute of space researches of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Rodin, risk of falling of space garbage in densely populated areas is minimum. it is obvious that it will be not densely populated area of the Earth. It it is possible to tell now for certain and consequently any danger here is minimum. It is more, I think, here anything it is impossible to tell - Rodin has shared.