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France opens the second Internet - the festival of national cinema

on the Internet starts on January, 12th Festival of modern French of cinema which already in the second time is spent by company Unifrance films. Festival pictures it is possible to look all over the world, choosing subtitles on one of 14 languages of the world, including Russian.

the festival Concept assumes a meeting with young generation of the French cinematographers. In its main competition of 10 full-length tapes and as much korotkometrazhek. The principle of interactivity the same that has been accepted at festival the Double dv : it is possible to put the estimations (truth, on five-point system) and to write the responses on the seen pictures. And in the same way films are accompanied by rollers with record of interview to founders of pictures. The films which have received the greatest recognition of public, will receive awards and the right to be shown on all flights of the company of Air France. Except planetary spectator, works as jury of the international press into which our colleague from " has entered; Komsomol truth Stas Tyrkin.

In competition - fiction films the Perfect splinter Home position Love and fresh water In our hands Eight times has risen I Like to look at girls the Queen of little fools On traces of an indelible youth polin and Francois and Love as poison . Among competing korotkometrazhek: the Devourer of pictures Aglaja It it is necessary to tell to god a bottle Bottom I could be confused the Adjuster the Best friend of the person Mese the abbe the Small tailor and Silence under a bark . There is also the out-of-competition program including a classical comedy of Claude Otana - Lara Through Paris (1956) and two Canadian French-speaking tapes Truth and the Trotter .

Viewing for the majority of the countries paid, but exceptions for Germany, Italy, Russia, China and the countries of Latin America are made. In fejsbuke on festival pages myfrenchfilmfestival and Air France companies are spent games with possibility to win a trip to Paris or New York for two.

the Feast begins on Thursday and will end in three weeks - on February, 1st.