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In New Year`s vacation disease of a flu has not exceeded epidporog

Disease of a flu and ORVI in New Year`s vacation as a whole remained at not epidemic level that is connected with low obrashchaemostju the population in medical - preventive establishments past week, is told in a press - release of Rospotrebnadzora.

Disease ORVI (from January, 2 till January, 9th, 2012) with excess of week epidemic thresholds (more than 10 %) on the population as a whole is not registered in one subject of the Russian Federation - it is marked in the message.

For the similar celebratory period of 2011 disease excess on the population as a whole has been noted in five regions. In 2012 insignificant excess of disease has been registered only in the Kamchatka edge.

Excess of epidemic thresholds among the cumulative population without disease excess on the subject as a whole is noted in two cities: Tyumen (on 9 %), Krasnoyarsk (on 13 %) - informs department. Disease of the children`s population from 0 till 2 years and from 7 till 14 years became the reason of excess of a threshold on the population as a whole mainly. Thus among children under two years week thresholds of disease have been exceeded in the Ivanovo area (on 22 %) and Mary El`s Republic (on 15 %). Among children 3 - 6 years and teenagers week thresholds of disease are more senior 15 years are not exceeded in one region. At children at the age of 7 - 14 years excess of week thresholds on 15 % is noted in Mary El`s Republic.

According to monitoring, viruses of not influenzal aetiology prevail: RS - viruses, a paraflu, adenovirusy.