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Half of Russians likes to live without winter time, and a quarter - there is no

this year a hand it was not necessary to translate on winter time. Now, when winter in a heat, sociologists have taken an interest at Russians, a leah the similar innovation (or to the contrary - " was pleasant to them; well forgotten old computation of time)

Such poll among the visitors has spent the research centre rekrutingovogo portal Superjob. ru.

opinions as it was found out were divided. Not to put clock it is pleasant almost to half of economically active citizens of the country - 48 %.   They said that earlier switching was for them big enough stress, and here now it became unlike easier to live. transfer of hours is a strong stress, especially for children. For a long time dreamt, that this horror has ended ; there was no tiresome mess with time transfer ; … For the first time for the life I feel well - participants of poll spoke. It is much more supporters of cancellation of winter time among representatives of the senior generation (58 % among respondents from 45 years also are more senior and only 32 % among youth till 24 years).

But all - taki almost to every fourth Russian (23 %) was not pleasant to live without transfer of hours.   also has put at all that computers, navigators and other " have rebelled; clever technics (the author of these lines, for example, was tired to struggle with the navigator in the car, obstinately putting clock as it is necessary also has virtually emigrated to other time zone - Yerevan). But the main argument of those who would prefer to translate twice a year arrows, - a notable divergence with astronomical time, from - for what in the majority of regions of Russia dawns only about 10 mornings in the winter. In the morning about 10 mornings are dark, for work to reach hard, minibuses with the included headlights, route number it is not visible, and children - what sleepy they go to a garden! ; it is very difficult to son zatemno to go in institute to Irkutsk, to leave in the dark and to come back from work in the dark. Total absence of a daylight leads to sad mood, simply speaking, comes depressnjak! Young and people of mature age, active in work and in study, want hardly - hardly to catch simple sunlight! ; I like to live on one constant time without transfer of hours. But at me a question: why the decision not to translate daylight saving time was accepted? After all at us and so one hour is stolen by the Lenin decree. Now leaves that at us have stolen two hours . It is very unhealthy. It is necessary to live on solar, natural hours, instead of as clever men order ; very darkly. You rise - darkly, you lay down - all as darkly. And if hours have translated, on an hour would be more light earlier. In Petersburg not earlier than 10, and even 11 o`clock in the morning on a broader scale brighten. It was pleasant to me more, when hours all - taki translated . - explain the interrogated. Among opponents of an innovation the youth prevails - if among respondents till 24 years to live without transfer of hours 27 % among participants of research is more senior 45 years of such 21 % were not pleasant. It is no wonder, if to remember, in the first steams in high schools and colleges how much begin and since what time works at offices a plankton a younger and average link.

it is equal as much Russians (23 %) have responded that to all of them it is equal, translate hands or time remains to constants. Basically it is respondents till 24 years - them of 35 %. Much more trouble with transfer, better simply not to notice this hour. A far-fetched problem from the very beginning - they spoke to sociologists.

Have found it difficult to express the relation to that the country any more does not put clock, 6 % of the interrogated. Thus some of them consider that definitive time on which now there live Russians, is chosen incorrectly: Russia should pass to winter time and not pass on summer ; it was necessary to cancel transition to daylight saving time, instead of to the winter. Now we have a divergence with biologically normal time at 2 o`clock, and, considering transition to hour per Soviet period, on all 3 hours. Unless it can not affect a human body?

Unities of opinions as we see, no. The sun has turned for the summer, winter on a frost. Darkly and cold. Time such.