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Ukraine continues to insist on reduction of price of the Russian gas

Tomorrow negotiations on the price for gas exported by our country to Ukraine will renew.

The day before the Ukrainian party has declared that can fly lower bought volumes of blue fuel, having replaced with its coal. However experts doubt that our neighbours will manage to make it.

coal Stocks in Ukraine, of course, are, however gas is not only fuel for power stations, but also raw materials for the chemical industry, the director of Fund of power development Sergey Pikin has explained. to Replace gas with coal without serious investments it is impossible is at all manufacture re-equipment, and building of the new enterprises from zero that in short terms it is impossible - he considers.

Besides to lower volume of purchases of blue fuel in advance registered in the contract too it is impossible, has declared to agency Interfax the official representative Gazprom Sergey Kuprijanov. In - the first, the desire of the Ukrainian party to reduce it to 27 billion cubes contradicts the clause where it is written that decrease should be no more than for 20 percent (from 52 billion cubic metre). In - the second, the train has already left - all changes should be brought in contracts not later than six months till that year in which delivery is planned.

Today there are no bases that Russia went to Ukraine towards in questions of the price for gas, Pikin has noted. Negotiations - a two-way road. If Ukraine does not meet half-way Russia, without wishing to consider our offers why we unilaterally should reduce the price? - Pikin asks. We will remind that the Russian side suggests to transfer for a long time to the international consortium in control gas-transport system of Ukraine in which participation of our country is supposed also. As to a present situation in it, Pikin considers, there are also certain pluses. while Ukraine operates with statements, without passing to actions. Also it is the positive moment - he has told. And time works against our neighbour as foreign markets are not so favorable.

Experts doubt that those volumes which Ukraine has declared, will suffice for normal functioning of economy. So, 27 billion cubes our neighbours bought only in crisis 2009. Now requirements immeasurably above. Following the results of 2010 from - for growth of economy the need has increased in our gas to 36,5 billion cubes. By the way, at 27 billion planned at first. Thus in materials of the Ukrainian Department of Energy and the coal industry it is said that use of natural gas in Ukraine in IV quarter 2011 - I quarter 2012 is predicted in 41,5 billion cubes.

However, it is impossible to dismiss and that besides idea with transition to coal our neighbours search also for other ways on a diversification of deliveries of gas. Purchases on spotovom the market which the country is going to start in the summer of 2012 can become them. It was declared by the Minister of Energy and the coal industry Yury Bojko. As he said, it has received support of this idea from the commissioner of Eurocommission on power questions of Gjuntera Ottingera.