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Karginov on KAMAZe has won 13 - j a rally stage Dakar

Crew of Russian Andrey Karginova on KAMAZe has won 13 - j a rally stage Dakar - 2012 also occupies 4 - e a place in the general offset, informs ITAR - TASS.

Its backlog from the leader of race of Dutch Zherara de the Plenty ( Iveko ) Which has shown only the fifth result, makes 5 hours of 2 minutes of 20 seconds. One more Russian pilot of the command KAMAZ - the Master Ilgizar Mardeev was the fifth and occupies 5 - e a place. Crew of the Kazakhstan command of Arthur Ardavichusa on KAMAZe has come the seventh and is on thirds to line in the general offset, conceding Zheraru de to the Plenty 1 hour of 48 minutes of 25 seconds.

In a category of motorcycles the Spanish racer Mark Koma (KTM) after an introduced error in navigation has ceased to be in the lead. Its main rival and the team mate Frenchman Siril Depre has escaped forward. It has come the second after Portuguese Eldera Rodriguez on to a Yamaha .

Among kvadrotsiklistov in race Argentinean Alehandro Patronelli on " continues to be in the lead; to a Yamaha .

In the category of off-road cars victory at a penultimate stage has got to the leader of race of Stefanu Peterhanselju ( mini ) . Russian Leonid Novitsky, also on mini has shown 3 - j result and has moved on 4 - ju a line with backlog from the French racer at 2 o`clock 12 minutes of 56 seconds.

Last, 14 - j and the shortest stage in the extent of 283 kilometres from which 29 kilometres have on spetsuchastok, will pass from the Peruvian city of Pisko to capital of Lima where race will come to the end.