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The captain Kosta Concordia ran from a vessel one of the first

After poll of witnesses from the victim at coast of Italy wreck of the Italian vessel Kosta Concordia interesting and shocking details were found out.

Eyewitnesses of tragedy admitted that the captain of the liner Ex Skettino has broken a private sea precept and has left a vessel not the last as it is necessary to its leader, and among first hundreds escaping when on main decks of thousand people asked about the help. Besides, eyewitnesses of tragedy assert that some crewmen, unlike other companions, parted forcibly passengers to get to life boats. French Figaro writes that on an attestation of eyewitnesses, occurring during this moment onboard the panic reminded shots from Cameron`s well-known film Titanic . Witnesses assure that landing to boats passed slowly and people while the liner has already taken a list, asked to remain in cabins.

Skettino on request of Office of Public Prosecutor of Italy at the moment is in a pre-trial detention centre of the city of Grosseto. It together with starpomom Kosta Concordia has been arrested on Saturday evening after interrogation. The captain of a vessel denies the fault, declaring that in all composers of a navigation chart of a route who ostensibly have not specified in it a rock into which the vessel has run are guilty. It already brings accusations in involuntary murder, and also that they have left a vessel before end of evacuation of passengers. Besides, inspectors have established that at the moment of tragedy the liner, most likely, from - for errors of the captain of a vessel has deviated a route on 4 kilometres.

we Will remind that the liner on which board there were more than 4,2 thousand persons, including 108 Russian tourists, was wrecked, having received 70 - a metre hole near island Dzhilo at coast of Tuscany. At least three persons, from them two - the French tourists and one Peruvian, the crewman, were lost, not less than 67 have suffered. 40 more person are registered on missing persons.

Yesternight 35 rescuers took part on liberating from compartments of the sunk liner of pair a newly-married couple from South Korea. 30 - the summer man and the woman more than days were in the blocked cabin of the liner in that part of a vessel which is not has left under water. As a result of a rescue operation newly married it was possible to take from the blocked cabin. Searches of other passengers proceed.