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The basic version of wreck “ Kosta Concordia “ - the human factor

the Version the first: the human factor

In tragedy was resulted by nonprofessional actions of the captain of liner Franchesko Skettino and its senior assistant Chiro Ambrosio. It already brings accusations in involuntary murder, and also that they have left a vessel before end of evacuation of passengers. Skettino has ineptly brought a vessel to island Dzhilo: without having noticed a reef, he has come across it. From - for it the steam-ship has received a hole. Skettino has understood that the tragedy is inevitable, in 23. 45. It could give signal SOS, but for not clear reasons has begun evacuation of people much later. Having felt the first blow about rocks, Skettino has tried to swim up as it is possible more close to island Dzhilo. However the vessel has sat down on a bank, has tilted and has sunk.

the Version the second: bad maps

On versions of the captain, vessel crew has made everything to prevent tragedy consequences. Responsibility for accident is born by composers of a navigation chart of a route who have not specified reeves. However one of local residents who participated in map drawing up, has already declared that on it have been thoroughly specified all “ reefs “. Skettino also has declared that the crew co-ordinated actions of passengers on evacuation. But eyewitnesses assert that some crewmen the first have appeared in life boats. Witnesses confirm: landing to boats passed slowly and people while the liner has taken a list, asked to remain in cabins.

the Version the third: a technics error

Inspectors have established that at the moment of tragedy the liner has deviated the laid route on 4 kilometres. It has led to that “ Concordia “ has come across a reef. The Office of Public Prosecutor finds out, a leah there was it from - for errors of the captain or in tragedy have resulted infringements in computer management system a vessel, in that case if management “ Concordia “ it was carried out in an automatic mode. Decoding of materials with " has begun; a black box “ where negotiations of the captain with employees of a coast guard in Livorno are written down.

At the same time as experts if Skettino has not directed a vessel to coast speak and has not grounded it, the quantity of victims of tragedy was much bigger.

the Version the fourth: cςξλκνξβενθε with the submarine

After tragedy in a number of blogs there were messages that “ Concordia “ could face a certain object, in particular with the submarine. On this thought that fact has pushed that at coast of Italy from the moment of operation carrying out in Libya the considerable number of warships has been concentrated. However, according to experts, the base of Naval Forces of Italy is on considerable removal from a tragedy place, and small depth around accident does not allow to maneuver to submarines.

the Version the fifth: act of terrorism

This version was present at the investigation initial stage, but now is completely denied, as is established that the liner has really run into a reef.