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Passengers “ Kosta Concordia “ can obtain compensation for mental cruelty

the First group of Russians - passengers “ Kosta Concordia “ - can already take off from Rome today. A press - secretary Rosturizma Oleg Moseev has informed that the arrangement with " is reached; Aeroflot “ about export of the tourists who have bought tickets at this airline. Passengers “ Kosta Concordia “ having on hands of the inquiry of consulate, the carrier will place on empty seats. “ negotiations with other airlines proceed “ - representative Rosturizma has told.

As Elena Karmanova, the director on PR and to tour operator marketing " has explained; Via Maris “ which by the ship had 19 tourists as international passports of Russians remained on the liner, now they wait, when copies of documents for entrance to Russia will be sent. The representative of tour operator also has noticed that problems with return tickets at our tourists should not be, as all of them have been bought in advance.   So the Russian passengers of the sunk liner “ Kosta Concordia “ can come back home within the next few days if the consulate operatively makes necessary papers.

Tour operators also have told that “ Kosta Concordia “ carried out a circular route. The part of tourists has begun cruise on January, 7th in Savone, they should finish it on Saturday in the same place. A part of passengers of village on the liner on January, 9th in Barcelona, they should was descend on coast on Monday. It is necessary to notice that for the majority of the Russian tourists travelling on “ Kosta Concordia “ cruise has ended just on January, 13th, that is it is literally on the eve of ship-wreck.

Under the preliminary information of some mass-media, the Italian holding “ Kosta Kruizes “ To which posesses the sunken wreck, promised to return an overall cost of cruise and to refund the additional expenses connected with flight to a place of its beginning, to all tourists who reserved the travel. And those tourists who already had time to arrive to Italy for landing to the liner, will place on other courts “ Kosta Kruizes “ carrying out similar routes across the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, according to Elena Karmanovoj, the Italian party yet did not discuss financial side of a question with the Russian partners. Average cost of week cruise on “ Kosta Concordia “ makes an order 500 euros without aviatransportation cost. “ it is very cheap, as cruise gets on inter-season period. The basic tourist`s stream went at us in New Year`s vacation then also the prices were others “ - Elena Karmanova tells.

the Press - the secretary of the Russian union of the tourist`s industry Irina Tyurin considers that the suffered tourists behind indemnification all the same should be converted to the Russian tour operators through which vacation packages have been bought. And those, in turn, will already understand with Italian kruiznym holding. How much it will occupy time, is not clear yet. “ Kosta Kruizes “ also has sounded idea to offer the suffered tourists alternative cruise for other dates, but it is improbable that after happened tourists will be agree it “ - Irina Tyurin speaks.

According to the expert, passengers of the sunk liner I have the right to compensation not only a direct material damage - costs of the cruise, the gone things and documents, but also moral harm. Its size is defined by court, proceeding from a concrete situation. To passengers “ Kosta Concordia “ It is recommended to save all documents confirming expenses, and also medical and other inquiries which can minister the proof in dispute with the respondent. Lawyers should understand as well in an insurance component of indemnifications - life and health of passengers of the liner should be insured. As to things of passengers, if the luggage has not been insured by its owner, responsibility kruiznoj the companies on each victim is limited to the sum of 100 euros.

Meanwhile, it is known that depth of sales of tickets on sunk “ Kosta Concordia “ reached till March inclusive. The interrogated tour operators have informed that while the percent of refusals of even not taken place cruises is minimum. Basically tourists call to consult about a situation. Recognising that as a result of incident quantity of victims minimum, players kruiznogo the market hope that recession of demand for voyages will be insignificant.

According to experts, kruiznaja the branch endures today the uneasiest period. The  destruction on Volga of the steam-ship " became the previous loud tragedy on water; Bulgarija “ then was lost over hundred persons. As a result of strong falling of demand in 2011 domestic kruiznye the companies have lost almost all profit. “ as about the reasons of present accident while it it is not known, early to give forecasts concerning the future of sea cruises. Nevertheless, all modern history says that kruiznye travel are one of the most safe kinds of rest. By the ships of such class practically never happened any incidents. If in mass-media the panic, interest decrease to   is not forced; kruiznym to tours will not occur “ - Elena Karmanova considers.


the Detail information about a situation with the Russians who were on the liner “ Kosta Concordia “ it is possible to receive by phone “ a hot line “ organised by Rosturizmom: 8(985) 226 - 82 - 71.