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Experts cannot name the reason of unsuccessful start a Fobos - the Ground

station Fragments a Fobos - the Ground have fallen to Pacific ocean. Yesterday on it referring to the official representative of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation of colonel Alexey Zolotuhina have informed news agencies.

last days experts only also did that were engaged in the calculations more reminding a guessing on a space dust: where will fall a Fobos - the Ground ?   More correctly that from it remains.

In lack forecasts was not. The possible zone of falling, according to Russian Space Department, was defined a strip from 51,4 degrees of northern width to 51,4 degrees of southern latitude.

As preliminary places last rest areas at the Indian, Atlantic and Silent oceans were called. Americans assumed that fragments can fall on   territory of Afghanistan. One of last most probable places of falling specified wilderness Gobi.

the Data was constantly specified. a Fobos - the Ground made flight round the Earth hardly less, than for an hour and a half, and in process of its decrease speed of falling constantly grew. change of a place and time of falling of fragments is caused by reduction of height of an orbit of the space vehicle, solar activity and an atmosphere status - experts underlined.

It was corrected and a window falling: according to Russian Space Department, it was narrowed from 20 o`clock 41 minutes Moscow time on January, 15th till 01 o`clock 05 minutes Moscow time on January, 16th. The European ballistics considered that a Fobos - the Ground should fall yesterday   in 21. 22 Moscow time, plus - a minus four hours. Strategic command of the USA to which data many news agencies, " referred; to a Fobos - the Ground has released hardly more - to 22. 14 Moscow time. But besides with a reservation: Device falling can begin both at five o`clock earlier, and at five o`clock later.

However, the more close a Fobos - the Ground to the Earth, the appears versions more. So, by data Interfax the device can fall approximately at 21:52 Moscow time on January, 15th in 120 kilometres to the West from the Argentina city of Rosario. The interlocutor of agency has informed on it in the Russian space branch. A bit earlier on the Internet the calculation of co-ordinates of falling of fragments a Fobos the European astronomer - fan Harro Tsimmer has placed. Under its forecasts, a Fobos - the Ground will fall to the ground during the period from 21:28 Moscow time till Moscow time in territory of Brazil, near to settlement Pikus.

That will reach the Earth?

device Weight a Fobos - the Ground - 13,5 tons from which 11 tons are a fuel. Experts are convinced: it completely will burn down in atmosphere dense beds. The Earth can reach only nearby 20 - 30 fragments of the device from refractory materials in lump no more than 200 kgs. On one of scientific devices - the Messbauerovsky spectrometer - it is established   a radio isotope source   - cobalt - 57. But, as experts explain, it only 10 microgram, it has a small half-life period and does not represent danger.

On a broader scale the long-term international statistics proves: space vehicles descending from an orbit practically always completely burn down, and their rests, as a rule, do not cause harm. Nevertheless device fragments can be scattered along a flight trajectory on hundreds kilometres.

That have lost?

a Fobos - the Ground - the Russian automatic interplanetary station first for 15 years intended for delivery of samples of a ground from the companion of Mars. However after start on November, 9th, 2011 mid-flight impellent installation of station has not joined. The probe has got stuck in a low circumterraneous orbit and has started to lose height gradually.

Now all recognise: degree of risk of mission was too high seriously to count on success. Nevertheless officials result   argument: it was necessary to start all the same that five billions the roubles enclosed in the project, not to write off at a loss. Hoped, and suddenly it will turn out?

Experts cannot tell till now, in what the reason. Work of the emergency commission has headed eks - head Rosaviakosmosa Yury Koptev holding fast of the chairman scientifically - technical advice of state corporation Rostehnologii . All waited that though something will be informed to the middle of January. Now commission work is prolonged - till the end of the next week. some versions but while any of them has not found accurate acknowledgement " Are considered; - Koptev has told.

At present station a Fobos - the Ground Just flies up to the final stop. Where it was, the point in this history is put.


the Fobos becomes the purpose of the Russian scientists already the third time. Two devices a Fobos have failed from - for failures and management system errors in 1988 and 1989, and   big   automatic station Mars - 96 even not not left an orbit of the Earth and sunk in Pacific ocean, intended for research of the Most red planet.