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Preliminary results of elections in Kazakhstan will announce on Monday

Here also have become history - the smiling grandmother with the small grand daughter leaves a booth for voting, having control over the filled bulletin. Having noticed interest from journalists, it yields this paper to the girl and pushes the babe to a voting box: It, it remove! the grand daughter suffices the bulletin in hands and tries to push it in a cut. It does not have growth a little, therefore the grandmother should help it. At last the document falls in a transparent urn. Everything, the choice is made. With children on sites for voting many come. It is no wonder that there it is interesting to children. - and music everywhere plays one of polling districts where the correspondent has visited, young children suited even a small live concert.

Voting on extraordinary elections (mazhilis) went to the parliament lower chamber actively enough - behind bulletins at times even small turns were built. However, elections, according to the law, will be recognised by taken place at any appearance. Moreover, at any deal the parliament will be multi-party. If one party overcomes a seven-percentage threshold following it - it is supposed to distribution of mandates. Also will receive them not less than two. Till now in mazhilise has been presented only correcting Nur Otan .

Today`s parliamentary elections are an important stage of the further upgrade of political system of Kazakhstan - the chairman of the senate of parliament of Kazakhstan tells Kajrat Mami.

Presence of several parties at the lower chamber of a legislature of Kazakhstan will allow parliament to reflect more precisely the spectrum of opinions which is present at our society. It will positively affect and quality of legislative process - he marks.

Formation of multi-party parliament is directed on strengthening of political stability and democratic development of our country, it - in our interests - the speaker of the Kazakhstan senate is convinced.

On present elections representatives of seven parties competed. 335 candidates applied for 98 mandates from party lists. Besides, on Monday nine more deputies will be chosen by Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan - is advisory - an advisory body at the president of the country. In total on elections 819 international observers are registered.

All sites on which our observers have visited, have opened in time. There are messages that an appearance active enough - the chief negotiator of observers from Inter-parliamentary assembly of the CIS, the first deputy of the chairman of the council of Federation Alexander Torshin speaks. As he said, for the international observers all necessary conditions are created. us accept, register, show all. It is possible to remove everything that want, - I here do not leave the camera - the Russian senator continues. He marks: observers sit directly opposite to urns, by them not to pass in any way.

On an exit from polling districts, hopping on moroztse, employees of sociological services are on duty - they spend ekzit - polly. The leaving ask: for whom they voted. However, under the law to publish these votings given in day it is impossible.

And initial results, probably, will be already brought on Monday. As Vladimir Foos has informed journalists of the vice-president of the Central election committee, under the Central Electoral Committee law should establish results on January, 22nd and   to publish not later than January, 25th. but, understanding that mazhilis now without deputies, we is natural these terms we will try to reduce. And, I think that you receive the first preliminary results already on January, 16th   - Foos has told. Kazahstantsy choose also members maslihatov - local representative bodies.