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The goalkeeper of a national team of Iran has signed the contract with football club the Ruby

the Kazan football functionaries have paid attention to the seventeenth country of the world on population and territory. They have found the new guard of gate in Iran for club the Ruby .

Alireza Hagigi in May of this year will note the 24 - letie. Already in eighteen its debut as a part of the professional command " has taken place; Persepolis . At this football school it was nurtured since childhood. In total Hagigi has spent for Persepolis 73 matches, becoming the champion of Iran in 2008.

In its active matches for youthful, youth and Olympic national teams. In 2005 Alireza has visited Russia where took part in Valentine Granatkina`s memorial. In October of last year Hagigi has led the first match for the main national team of Iran.

the Contract with the goalkeeper will operate four years. It has already joined to to the Ruby on gathering in Beleke, and the first official match as a part of the Kazan club can spend on February, 16th within the limits of League of Europe. There will be it in the event that the Iranian will be declared for participation in tournament and if it becomes stable the second number commands after Sergey Ryzhikova, or completely will replace it.

Having invited the native of Teheran, the Kazan club managed to create an unprecedented situation: in the ranks of the command representatives of a national team of Iran (Alireza Hagigi) and Israel (Bibras Natho) will act simultaneously. As it is known, the given countries are geopolitical opponents. However conflict situations in the Ruby will not arise, after all both above-named football players are Moslems.