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The Kazan volleyball players have won strong-willed victory over the Locomotive

Five sets should be played to commands Zenith - Kazan and the Locomotive (Novosibirsk). Conceding on sets 0 - 2, tatarstantsy could prevail against visitors.

In the first party of an abacus was equal to a mark 7:7 then Siberians at first have come off on two points. And after a series of givings of Michael Sanchez which in December has been recognised in Kazan MVP of the Cup of Russia, the result became 16:11. The set finished badly, and visitors have stopped on result 25:20.

the Locomotive was not going to rest on laurels of winners. Having achieved a comfortable difference in the following party 8:4, 16:12, Siberians have again got the best 25:17. Visitors have extracted last point on the double block. Position zenitchikov became catastrophic, and in the third party they have realised it. Citizens of Kazan had to change basic binding Vermilo for Babeshina.

After neutral result 10:10 citizens of Kazan have come forward thanks to blows of Priddi and have won game 25:20. In the fourth game piece the result again was equal 15:15 while tatarstantsy have not undertaken the acceleration which has come to the end with their success 25:23.

On thaw - a break spectators of arena St.-Petersburg have seen struggle against is dashing twirled plot. Visitors conduct 8:6, commands change the parties, the bill is compared 8:8. Siberians leave forward on three points, however citizens of Kazan again overtake them 12:12. The match - bol receives Zenith . But the bill again equal 15:15. And here forces have left railwaymen. Own errors have led to their defeat 15:17.

Such matches are remembered, - head coach VK " has declared after a meeting; Zenith - Kazan Vladimir Alekno. - On the technician they dirty, but bojtsovsky the spirit at children is. It pleases, after all we not have pulled out one such match. Vermilo has wanted to play difficult volleyball, but experiments were not necessary today. Babeshin with this problem has consulted successfully .