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The fisherman has rescued the Russian from the sunk liner Kosta Concordia

the Italian fisherman has rescued Russian Alexander Horoshih who has been broken from the liner Kosta Concordia . Certificates of the participant of ship-wreck at coast of Tuscany results RIA Novosti news agency.

At the moment of failure Alexander Horoshih and his wife Angela were in a cabin in a nasal part of a vessel.

the Board has strongly shaken. In two minutes light was gone. I could not open the safe with money, have lost phone - it where - that has departed. I began to shout to children who were near to us that they put on life jackets. And these Filipinos (the vessel personnel) - sit - are silent. Also do not let me to get out (from a cabin) to help to deduce the others. These Filipinos to us: All okej, any problems . And the vessel is already serious so has on one side tilted - he has told.

As a result, speaks 65 - summer Alexander, it was possible to get out on a deck. All has deduced on that board, which above. That for children whom deduced, - I do not know. Any Germans - he has told.

According to Alexander, by this moment the list of the liner which after failure began to plunge the right side into water, was strong enough - to get over on the left board which is above above sea level, it was necessary to clamber literally upwards.

I have rushed to help the wife because the wife is the most expensive. I - that the climber. And she cannot get out. Has seized for a rope - and it, as well as a board, all in butter. My hand any more does not hold. And further has fallen. Has brought down a life jacket. Flied long and has strongly hit about water. It was high - as floor from the sixth - the tourist remembers.

After falling Alexander has for a short while fainted, but has quickly come to the senses and has floated. It was rescued by the local fisherman who has lifted it on the boat and has brought on a pier. There he was converted to physicians.

Have carried on the fast. Took from doctors phone, tried to phone to the wife, but it has not turned out. To breathe hard, in edges till now it is sick. Wanted to put in hospital, but has refused - because wanted to find the wife. I searched for it, thought, it has sunk - and she searched for me - he has told.

In turn spouse Alexander Angela has told that it and more big enough group of passengers long waited for the help.

We were one of the last whom evacuated from a vessel. Very long stood on a nose. Helicopters turned, but nobody went down for passengers. Then to us rescuers have gone down, have counted us and have started to lift on the helicopter. But they will lift on two - three persons, and us - that is a lot of - Angela speaks.

Eventually, as she said, people have gone to a stern (length of the liner of 290 metres), rope ladders to salvage ships whence have been lowered. And we went on a deck by these words where it is written Costa Concordia. Keeping that will get under a hand. Have come to a tail. And here already on these ladders have gone down in life boats - she tells.

Angela knew all the day long nothing About destiny of the husband.

There were spouses only in Rome, in 150 kilometres from a ship-wreck place, in hotel where brought Russians from the sunk liner.

we Will remind, Italian kruiznyj liner Costa Concordia on the night of Saturday of villages on a bank near island Dzhilo at coast of Tuscany then has started to sink. It is informed that three persons were lost, have suffered 67. However this data not the definitive: rescuers cannot still establish, where there are nearby 70 persons. In total onboard were more than 3 thousand 200 passengers from 62 countries, including 108 citizens of the Russian Federation. Russians are at the moment placed in hotels at the airports of Milan, Rome and French Nitstsy.