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In Syria the general pardon for participants of protests

the President of Syria Bashar Asad is declared declared a general pardon for participants of antigovernmental performances.

In the decree published by the Syrian president, it is said that it extends on the persons who have made crimes against events which have occurred during the period from March, 15th, till January, 15th, 2012 .

Present amnesty, it is far not the first lately, it is declared in day when 10 months are executed exactly since in the middle of March in the city of Deraa located in the south of Syria mass antigovernmental protests have flashed. So, only from November till January from prisons four thousand persons, arrested persons have been let out without small during protests.

What total number of the detained opponents of a mode, official Syrian sources do not specify. According to the international human rights organisations, during stirrings in Syria in the country some thousand participants of protests have been arrested.

Clearing of all arrested persons from the beginning of stirrings is one of the main requirements of opposition. Same provides the plan of settlement of crisis in Syria, offered by League of the Arabian states which observers work in the country.

During stirrings in Syria, according to the United Nations, was lost more than five thousand persons. The Syrian authorities declare that in collisions with the armed opposition has been killed more than 2 thousand military men and law enforcement officers of Syria against which well armed insurgents operate.