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Millions inhabitants of Istanbul at some o`clock have remained without electricity

As a result of serious failure on power station in Bursa mullions-strong Istanbul at some o`clock remained without an electricity.

Besides the Turkish megacity, simultaneously disconnected it has appeared   all region of the marble sea, including the cities of Tekirdag, Edirne, Kodzhaeli and Sakarju.

From - for stops of the underground people have been urged to attack city ground transport and the taxi much simply left on proezzhuju a part and tram ways to arrive home on foot. All it has called an instant collapse of transport system of Istanbul. Ten thousand have appeared are clamped in stoppers, as a result of idle traffic lights many have got to serious failures. Some have preferred to expect electricity returning, without leaving their Istanbul high-speed trams however, after a while nevertheless have been urged to join a stream of pedestrians.

Saturday traditionally is considered in Istanbul day of the shopping, therefore states of emergency much a Turk has found at cash desks of shops, in halls of cinemas and the entertaining centres. In spite of the fact that the majority of large network supermarkets and shopping centres possess own generators of an electricity intended on a case of such situations, local mass-media nevertheless have informed on occurrence of several unpleasant incidents at counters of shops.

the severe weather conditions, to be exact the incessant snowfall which has put out of action power station in Bursa became the Reason of state of emergency, according to official figures. Works on its restoration did not stop all last night. Only operative delivery of an electricity from the next Bulgaria has allowed to return to Istanbul and vicinities light before dark.