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The operating head of administration of Taiwan is re-elected for the second term

First of all economy, and a policy then. Under such slogan the operating head of administration of Taiwan Ma Intszju has won victory on presidential election which has passed on Saturday on this largest Chinese island. More than half of voters have voted for 61 - the summer Ma Intszju standing from party Gomindan. However, a separation from the representative who have taken the second place of oppositional Democratic progressive party Tsaj Inven, not absolutely big: 51,6 against 45,6 percent. Nevertheless, any sensations has not occurred: all pre-election deals showed that it is not necessary to expect power change.

And at once after the announcement of results madam Tsaj recognised legality of elections and the defeat, having promised to leave fast of the party leader.

In the meantime, accepting congratulations on victory, mister Ma has assured that during a following term of the board in relations from the Peoples Republic of China in the beginning will solve more simple (economic) questions, and difficult (political) will leave on then.  

In spite of the fact that many name mister Ma Propeking the candidate, now, as well as on elections in 2008, the slogan " again sounded; three are not present : not to inton independence of Taiwan, is not present to association with continent and not to use force for the decision of problems around Taiwan strait.

During the first term of abiding in power Ma Intszju has considerably improved macroeconomic indicators of island.

In many respects it has occurred thanks to warming in relations to Beijing that was instantly reflected on trading - economic relations between two coast. In particular, Beijing and Taipei has signed some large agreements, including removing import duties on some honeycombs of names of the goods.

At the same time its opponents on present elections blamed of it, in - the first, advances with the Peking authorities that, in their opinion, can threaten with loss independence islands. And, in - the second, paying the basic attention to development of large business and adjustment of commercial relations with continent, Ma Intszju has absolutely forgotten about the simple citizens which life for years of its board, not only has not improved, and even has somewhat worsened. In particular, from - for sharp rises in price of cost of life, a rise in prices for real estate. However the promise laying ahead " became one of theses of election campaign of mister Ma; 10 gold years for Taiwanese . It is the party program accepted in last year Gomindan, providing development of key industries of economy and foreign trade activities expansion.

By the way victory of Ma Itsnzju arranges not only Beijing, but also Washington. Representatives of the USA already named the past on Taiwan elections one of the most democratic and free. And to the winner the congratulatory telegramme is already directed.

As experts mark, the most important thing than so Ma Intszju both for the Peoples Republic of China, and for the USA is good, it is its predictability and the course having an obvious economic shade.