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The tanker from South Korea has sunk after explosion

On Sunday in 32 kilometres from the South Korean city of Inchon in Yellow sea the tanker which before has unloaded several hours in the given port has sunk.

explosion which was distributed onboard this vessel became the Cause of accident. Soon after that the tanker has started to sink quickly. On a tragedy place was lost three seamen: two citizens of Myanma and one South Korean. A bit later bodies of two more crewmen have been found. In total onboard the tanker at the moment of explosion there were 16 persons. The five from them managed to be rescued to coast guard service. Six more seamen are registered on missing persons. Causes of the explosion are found out. Search of the gone proceeds.

the Authorities of South Korea have stopped at once appeared in some Internet - mass-media conjectures that representatives of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea as the vessel at the moment of tragedy was considerable removal from sea border with the North Korea can be involved in explosion. We consider low probability of that attack from the North Korea " became a cause of the explosion; - it is underlined in the statement of service of a coast guard of South Korea.

we Will remind that in the spring of 2010 in Yellow sea after explosion has sunk South Korean korvet CHhonan . In Seoul then asserted that the vessel has been lined by a North Korean torpedo.