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The founder of masterpieces of musical telecinema Evgenie Ginzburg

the Stroke has died has interrupted Evgenie Ginzburg`s life - one of few knights and classics of musical telecinema. It has passed this skill and to the big cinema having continued the best traditions of a domestic musical.

One of its latest films for the big screen already practically has not reached spectators owing to indifference of new Russian hire to the Russian cinema. It was Anna - the musical version of a drama of Ostrovsky Guilty though guiltless where action has been transferred today, and the Love Kazarnovsky has played the well-known singer on a surname of Kruchinina. At festival the Literature and cinema to a film have given a prize with the formulation For improbable treatment before amazement of the great play but on screens it did not leave any more. One of the most popular in the past of genres was the way out: Born song, our country passed to language of severe prose.

And there began Evgenie Ginzburg during a time of its blossoming and national love. Began on the television which art level in this genre has defined for many years.
it did well-known Benefit performances musical shows in honour of the most popular stars: Lyudmila Gurchenko, Very Vasilevoj, Tatyana Doroninoj, Larissa Golubkinoj, Sergey Martinsona, Savelija Kramarova. Did enchanting Magic lanterns - it is musical - parody imaginations on motives of world cinema. It met Lyudmila Gurchenko on a set yet time: having removed its double teleconcert war Songs and Favourite songs where has laid the foundation for the future school of a domestic musical clip, and having debuted on the big screen a film musical the Recipe of its youth on a plot of the fantastic play of Karelian Capek Means of Makropulosa .

a genre of a musical he with enthusiasm developed all life: he understood it, felt and was able to embody. Loved its special rhythm, its spirit, its passion and the fantasy nature. Thus always took in a basis the serious literature. To mentioned to Ostrovsky and Capek we will add Maupassant ( the Ruansky maiden by a nickname the Doughnut ), Voltaire ( Ingenuous ), popular fantast Alexander Beljaeva in the USSR ( Island of the lost ships ), the Georgian classic Vazhu - Pshavelu ( Wedding soek ). It has translated to language of musical cinema and the Ancient Greek epos about Argonauts ( the Cheerful chronicle of dangerous travel ) .

It there were films bright, bravura, they stunned the spectator with falls of director`s paradoxes, infected with inexhaustible young energy and in days of feasts became so indispensable a firm dish our screens, as well as Eldara Ryazanov`s comedy. If in days of memory of the master TV channels decide to repeat any of these tapes - do not pass them, be again convinced of what highest lath was set those years by these especially entertaining television films. Today on contrast they amaze even more. Evgenie Ginzburg has risked one of the first to replace to the Russian soil receptions of the Parisian cafe - shantana, American burleska and even Spanish sarsuelas thus in its films - show Russia - reckless, loose, paradoxical, easily passing from fun to a sentimentality dominated all the same. It war Songs and Favourite songs - Lyudmila Gurchenko`s one more benefit performance - remain, probably, most pathetic and sincere musical monument to an epoch of the Great Patriotic War and the first post-war years full of hopes and love. And I think, what exactly thanks to Evgenie Ginzburg we on - to the present have learnt this party of bestowal of the great actress, as if born for a synthetic genre of a musical. Evgenie Ginzburg`s musical films were awarded time and again by awards TEFI, prizes of domestic festivals and the international festival in Montreux.

Evgenie Ginzburg`s Early leaving is an irreplaceable gap in relay race of traditions of a musical genre. Its students remained without the master. We will hope, they can continue its business.