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Nationalists have supported a referendum on an exit of Hungary from EU

In Budapest on Saturday nationalists have spent a protest action against membership of Hungary in the European union. In action have accepted a fate about three thousand persons, informs RIA Novosti news agency.

Representatives of local ultra-right party Jobbik have burnt near to a building of Eurocommission the European Union flag. Nationalists have demanded from the authorities to hold a referendum concerning an exit of Hungary from EU. They consider that measures on sharp reduction of budgetary expenses on which acceptance by the Hungarian authorities insists the European Union, actually are attempt at independence of Hungary.

In November of last year Hungary was converted behind the financial help in EU and the International currency fund, however yet has not received it, including from - for the law on independence of the central bank in which the management of both blocks demands to bring a number of amendments.

the Position of nationalists in Hungary is at the moment strong enough. Their party Jobbik ( For new Hungary ) has received 47 places in parliament following the results of elections which have passed in April, 2010.