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Testing a web - chambers for elections will pass in February

In the end of February video translation system in the voting Internet on presidential election plan to test on 60 percent of polling districts. Ilya Massuh has told about it to journalists zamglavy minkomsvjazi.

But for this purpose it is necessary to observe the rigid schedule on deliveries and installation of the equipment which leading foreign concerns have already started to make at the factories. Alas, any Russian collector of computers cannot make necessary quantity of the equipment in short terms, therefore it was necessary to be converted abroad, has explained Massuh.

Already shipment and delivery of the reserved equipment today will begin. In total it is expected seven cargo planes, each of which can contain on 22 thousand laptops. The equipment deliver from Shanghai, Taiwan. Deliveries from Europe are planned. And here monitors are made for desktops at factory Samsung in the Kaluga region. Everything, according to Ilya Massuha, it is reserved 100 thousand computers. Technicians will buy for 5 percent more than it is necessary if necessary operatively to replace it.

Massuh has noticed that by quantity of demanded computers the project has no analogues in the world. From fedbjudzheta for it will allocate 13 billion roubles. But its commercial cost 25 - 30 billion roubles. And as that is demanded by the law, the government has defined the executor and the investor of the project of the national operator. It just also invests missing means in the project. According to the deputy minister, expenses of the operator can pay off during 5 - 7 years. On development of communication networks will spend 60 percent from a total sum, for the equipment of sites - 25 percent, and on the software and a server component the rest.

the Audit Chamber has allocated the command of the qualified experts which will daily check how means are spent. By estimates of experts, cost of the equipment for one site of 25,738 thousand roubles. Under the technical project, the created system will capture 91,4 thousand local election committees, and its productivity will provide possibility to connect 25 million users at possibility of 60 thousand simultaneous viewings of the image from one chamber. And on each site will establish on two chambers. One chamber of a general view, another adjusted on an urn for voting and a place where will count up voices. Translation of counting of votes to observe the legislation, will begin from 9 evenings Moscow time. Before calculation record will be conducted on servers of polling districts.

By estimates of experts, the translation system can sustain at once 1 - 1,5 million viewings. On sites where candidates for presidents will vote, capacities for translation will be increased, has promised Massuh. In total for days 246,5 years of video will be written down and laid out for universal viewing. For comparison: on YouTube daily spread only four years of video.

the Equipment which is reserved, after delivery to Russia will start to prepare at once for work on sites, to establish the special software in Moscow suburbs, further to send in regions for gathering of all complex for polling district and its adjustment. For translation of a course of voting it is chosen four types of chambers and two types of computers. The Russian experts tested production of leading world manufacturers. 40 types of chambers are studied, from them is countenanced only four. Some did not allow to use the base software or showed bad quality of a picture at length of a cable of 20 metres - has explained Massuh. Some computers, in particular laptops, have not passed test from - for an overheat. It is selected six types of the equipment. Computers Fujitsu and Lenovo. And servers intend to use the domestic.

But without communication channels the signal cannot be passed. And now the main task to organise them. In 70 polling districts it is necessary to lay communication lines but while works complicate winter conditions. About three thousand metres of a cable it is necessary to spend to each polling district, Massuh has told. Where it will be impossible to reach by the ground, will adjust four thousand satellite communication channels.


7 cargo planes containing on 22 thousand of laptops, deliver to Russia obrudovanie for a web - translations.