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Insurgents Al - Kaidy the Insurgents connected with the terrorist organisation " have grasped a city in Yemen

; Al - Kaida in Yemen, have grasped a city It is glad in 170 kilometres to jugo - to the east from capital of the country Dignities.

Armed formations have entered into a city located in a province al - Bejda on the night of Sunday and occupied an old part of a city and a mosque. The small contingent of city police has shown insignificant resistance. According to eyewitnesses, the group of insurgents totals some tens persons.

With city capture It is glad expansion of insurgents from a southern province of Abjan far inland extends.

In a province of Abjan in the south of the country from the end of May, 2011 the governmental armies conduct fights with insurgents who have grasped a number of cities of a province, including an administrative centre of Zindzhibar. In September the Yemen authorities declared that they managed to release the most part of Zindzhibara, however fights in a disctrict of the city have proceeded and in December.

Struggle against radical Islamites in Yemen becomes complicated political instability in the country where since February antigovernmental performances with the requirement of resignation of president Ali Abdally Saleha proceed. During national stirrings in Yemen some hundreds persons were lost.