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Ballistics has disagreed about a falling place a Fobos - the Ground

station Fragments a Fobos - the Ground have fallen in Pacific ocean is a message of news agencies referring to the official representative of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation on armies VKO of colonel Alexey Zolotuhina has instantly scattered in mass-media. It has been told: falling has taken place in 21. 45 Moscow time. Fragments have fallen in 1250 kilometres to the west of island Vellington.

the Message of military doubts has not called, but has forced to be surprised. Why? Hardly earlier Russian Space Department which the whole day long gave specifications about time of falling of station, has narrowed time a window to an interval with 21. 50 to 22. 34 Moscow time. Moreover, has specified also a falling place - the centre of Atlantic. And, as it has been underlined, on last coil the space vehicle will be observed by the Russian means of tracking.

And here now as informs RIA Novosti news agency, according to Russian ballistikov device fragments have fallen in area with co-ordinates of east longitude 310,7 degrees and 18,2 degrees of southern latitude in Atlantic ocean, near to coast of Brazil with broad band of disorder of fragments . According to the data ballistikov, the station was included into atmosphere of the Earth in 21. 59 Moscow time.

It is necessary to tell that last days experts only and did that were engaged in the calculations more reminding a guessing on a space dust: where will fall a Fobos - the Ground ? More correctly that from it remains. In lack forecasts was not. The possible zone of falling, according to Russian Space Department, was defined a strip from 51,4 degrees of northern width to 51,4 degrees of southern latitude.

  As places rest areas at the Indian, Atlantic and Silent oceans were called. Americans assumed that fragments can fall to territory of Afghanistan. It were specified to one of the most probable places of falling both wilderness Gobi and Argentina …

  a Fobos - the Ground made flight round the Earth hardly less, than for an hour and a half, and in process of its decrease speed of falling constantly grew. Change of a place and time of falling of fragments is caused by reduction of height of an orbit of the space vehicle, solar activity and an atmosphere status, - experts underlined.