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How to spend indelible vacation in the Disneyland - the reporting from holiday

In the Disneyland I for the first time has got to 32 years. Would see all it is years on 20 earlier, can, and life on - to another has developed. Anyway impressions would be 10 times more.

But here to the son has knocked 8, it is a high time to test disnej - shock. The senior daughter too has shown interest. Ahead there was long New Year`s vacation, and we, nasobirav money, have solved: we fly to Orlando. Speak, it is difficult to present it, without having visited there: the Disneylands of Los - Andzhelesa, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong together taken will make hardly half of parks of Orlando. It was necessary also to children to show, and to look.

Moscow - Miami

Fears was two: it is difficult to get the visa in the USA and long to fly.

With the visa it has appeared not terribly: now it make out on the Internet. I have come on an embassy site, in an hour have filled questionnaires on everything, have paid to bank consular gathering - on $140 from a nose (now, speak, it too is possible on the Internet) and have been invited to interview. In the appointed day we have arrived to embassy (to the child it is not necessary), have defended small turn, have handed over fingerprints and have responded to some questions. All process has occupied about an hour. In 3 days the courier has free of charge brought to us home passports with visas.

From Moscow, of course, it is better to fly to Orlando, but tickets were not, and we have bought to Miami. A carrier Russian. Weeds indeed muchene: there almost 12 hours, back thanks to a fair wind - 10. In/ at “ the Boeing - 747 “ with amenities not so. On the way back on a broader scale melancholy: it is impossible to read, since individual light does not work, TVs in backs of armchairs too. “ All has broken on road there. And in the USA audio repair - video at us is not paid, it is necessary to wait to Moscow “ - the flight attendant fairly admitted. Also has offered for rent figurative a player for one thousand roubles - the service which analogue you will not meet in one airline of the world. But on us and this miracle of technics has not sufficed. In general, there is any riddle that on one of the most prestigious for the Russian Federation the international airlines all is so poor.

to Take at the airport of Miami the car not the problem, services offer ten two companies, only international rights and a credit card are necessary. To reserve from Moscow (from $40 a day for any " more cheaply; Ford Fokus “ with the navigator), but it is possible and on a place. Roads super, to Orlando of 350 km, and in 3 hours we were on a place.

In a way there was only one incident. On departure from Miami for us the police car with included " was attached; a son of lumiere “ - as at cinema. She obviously tried to inform something to us. Not at once, but has reached that this requirement to stop. The sergeant did not leave the car, it was necessary to go most. It has appeared, the child on a back seat will not fasten: “ It threatens your security “. Despite a pursuit with audio effects, did not take cent.

Parks of Orlando: 4 + 2

on a place of silent Orlando was Two centuries ago military camp for preparation of soldiers for destruction of Indians. Then here have laid the railway, and still later have constructed the Center of space researches of Kennedy.

But from a hole into one of the most popular tourist centres of Orlando has transformed another - in 1971 that is called today Walt Disney World here has opened and gives work to 66 thousand persons. He/she is the largest employer in the USA which employs so much people on one industrial object.

In Orlando today 6 thematic parks. 4 of them make Disney`s World (Walt Disney World). It is the most visited centre of entertainments in the world. Into it enter Magic kingdom (Magic Kindom) - that usually name the Disneyland, EPKOT (Epkot), the Hollywood studios (Hollywood Studios) and Kingdom of animals (Animal Kingdom). In huge territory of parks the Dignity - Frantsisko together with suburbs will freely take place. And Disney`s empire includes also 2 aquaparks, 24 hotels, hundreds shops, cafe and restaurants. Distances between parks decent, carry visitors by buses and trains.

the main competitor of the Disneyland has located In Orlando, which pride - two not less (and can, and more) abrupt park also: Universal Studios (Film park) and Islands of ΐdventures (Islands of adventures).

That all it to bypass, week will not suffice.

“ to All who has come to this happy place - welcome! The Disneyland is your country. Perfect memoirs of old men, here again the young Here rise can inhale a call and future promises. The Disneyland is devoted to ideals, dreams and real events which have created America, with hope that it becomes a source of pleasure and inspiration for the whole world! “. Uolter Disney, on July, 17th, 1955.

It is the full citation, and reduced which all ordinations to Disney`s all parks begin, says: “ to All who has come to this happy place - welcome! “.

Magic Kindom - the main park making a basis of all Disneylands. Where we have come, - the most visited in the world. Is ideally suited for family rest. In peak days “ the population “ Kingdoms can grow to 50 thousand persons. And it not including several thousand the employees who are ensuring functioning of park. By the way, not to disturb to visitors, on territory they move underground - for this purpose the whole system of tunnels here is designed.

Names of the main attractions speak for themselves: “ Pirates of Caribbean sea “ “ the Space mount “ “ the Haunted house “ “ Peter Pan`s Flight “. The father of the space program of the USA Verner participated In creation of several attractions a background Brown. On a broader scale the newest technologies in Disney`s parks amaze imagination: American VPK for a long time already shares the opening with civil industries.

fantastic organisation of the personnel and its goodwill has and more amazed. Well who, tell, forces ministering to clap to everyone (!) To the child who has flown by over the earth in paws of a dinosaur: “ You the good fellow, you have made it! “ and it at huge daily streams of the people.

Park Hollywood Studios opened in 1989, is calculated more on teenagers. Here it is a lot of all in formats 3D and 4D: that for bolshej plausibility at a cinema on you water will pour out, for a back will start to suffice, a virtual brick will start - know turn aside. And the most terrible attraction - “ the Tower of horror of the Twilight zone “. This lock with an innocent signboard “ Hotel Hollywood “ initially froze blood: there all has been tightened by a web and on a broader scale promised serious troubles. And, to horror of our son, they have happened: the lift in which we rose, has suddenly failed with 13 - go a floor! Then there was on a broader scale a nightmare in comparison with which all adventures offered in the neighbourhood, seemed innocent jokes.

On - to mine, that we without the prevention have dragged it in this chertovu a tower, the son has not forgiven to us till the end of a trip.

Animal Kingdom - the biggest in the world artificial park with animals. Approaches both to adults, and children. Was under construction 3 years, it is opened in 1998, has managed in $800 million Under the version “ Forbsa “ the best zoo in the world. Though, more likely, it is a zoo to the contrary.

the Main attraction - a safari on jeeps. You put in the huge antediluvian truck (nearby 20 persons) which goes on jolty impassability, being torn through jungle and moving through ravines with streams. Under it the shaky bridge (certainly, the jeep has time to slip last second) breaks, it is pursued by insurgents with automatic machines, and bullets only by miracle do not touch you. The driver very much is nervous, reports conditions on a rusty portable radio set, but tries to calm passengers. And around lions, elephants, behemoths, rhinoceroses wander, crocodiles wait for extraction. Time and again having visited reserves of Africa, it is ready to testify: from “ the present “ the safari where - nibud in tanzanijskom Ngorongoro differs not strongly.

This park is usually closed earlier, than others: animals should avoid superfluous loading. For the same reason here do not spend celebratory fireworks. Also ask not to cry out and not to shout not to injure mentality of beasts.

the park Name “ Epkot “ it is deciphered as “ the Experimental prototype of a society of the future “. 10 thousand workers built it 26 months. Has managed in $1,4 billion It is opened in 1982 Here in 5 times more special effects, than in Magic Kindom, and it is twice more on the area. Pavilions represent 11 countries. There is even Norway and Morocco, and here Russia is not present. Here - the most expensive attraction in the history. Creation of a simulator of start of the rocket “ Mission: Space “ has managed in $100 million Its basis - training apparatus of the space centre in Houston on which prepare astronauts. Visitors feel all sharp space sensations - from overloads which press them into armchairs, till an instant of weightlessness.


- Most of all to the people happens on Friday, Saturday and especially on Monday.

- On all attractions huge turns. On an input in everyone the board on which it is highlighted hangs, how much approximately to stand. A record which we saw, - 130 minutes. Strange, but especially does not strain: not hot, since huge fans, obdajushchie turn as a water dust, around TVs on which twist animated cartoons " work; in a subject “ and nobody climbs without turn.

But turns it is possible and to bypass. In Disney`s parks there is one cunning. Near to each attraction there are automatic machines, having pushed in which ticket you receive a card with instructions of an interval of time in which on this attraction you have the right to pass without turn (about an hour). It will be much later, but you can look at crowd as any deputy or a member of the government of the Russian Federation. Very conveniently: a beret such Fastpass, easy go on other attractions, and then without vanity come back to this. I have there and then shown sharpness, having solved obbezhat all attractions and to be reserved a miracle - admissions for all occasions. Not here - that was: it has appeared, yet will not expire time of one Fastpass, the clever automatic machine does not give out another.

- On many attractions there are restrictions on growth: to 102, 112, 122, 134 see On some children start up only accompanied by adults. But is also such where adults can get only accompanied by children.

the Prices for tickets

(without taxes, in $)

Disney Universal

10 +/ 3 - 9 10 +/ 3 - 9 years

4 days 243/ 224 155. 99/ 142. 99

3 days 232/ 214 150. 99/ 138. 99

2 days 168/ 155 135. 99/ 125. 99

1 day 85/ 79 120/ 114

From 5 till 10 days - you pay on $8 daily to the price 5 - the day subscription (Only in Disney`s parks).

In parks all attractions are free.

Parks Universal Studios

It is unique for today the real competitor of the Disneylands. Stephen Spielberg was the adviser at their creation.

Parks are faster for adult and grown up children. The most known consists of two parts. Here the highest in the world (where - that with 20 - the floor house) the American hill “ the Infernal rocket “. Fairly I admit: we looked at brave heroes from the earth. Acquaintances have gone. Having defended an hour per turns and prokuvyrkavshis time 10 about the axis and on a vertical, they left, reeling, with grey persons and have informed that “ - to - gda “ more it will not repeat.

And here Americans all these hills love. It seems that to shout and throw up hands, falling on wild speed downwards, at them at genetic level. Some only behind it here also come. They then can be learnt on protruding eyes with the big pupils in the end of day.

Other popular attractions - “ the Tornado “ when in several metres from you the whirlwind will sweep away from off the face of the Earth city quarter - all blows up, burns, whence - that suddenly arises water squall, and over a head, heart-rendingly lowing, the cow is carried by; “ the Mummy “ - “ a horror film “ on a plot of the blockbuster with the same name; “ the Men in black “ where you, rushing on huge speed, are shot from newcomers; short versions “ Terminatora - 2 “ In 3D and “ SHreka “ in 4D. Well-known “ Jaws “ this day, alas, have been closed.

But the strongest impression has made an attraction with Simpson`s participation. It is based on a number of the most complicated effects thanks to which you appear as if in the cartoon film. Rather convincingly.

In the second part of park are allocated “ the Spiderman “ and “ Park of the Jursky period “. But “ most - most “ an attraction - “ Harry Potter`s Lock “. There even ancient pictures as in the book, talk. The turn was hour on ones and a half, but it of that costed. It just that case when to retell sensations it is impossible: a fantasy.

Children still were delighted with Village Hogsmit where in shop Magic wands are on sale, and the Oleander shows their possibilities. Receiving on $29. 90 for a plastic stick in a cardboard box, and I would show something. But wishing to buy - thousand.


- In Universal Studios free “ fast walkers “ Fastpass is not present. But, having paid in addition $80 to the price of the ticket for 1 day, it is possible to buy another “ the fast walker “ under name ExpressPlus and on all attractions, except the most popular, “ the Infernal rocket “ and “ Harry Potter “ to go without turn. But after 12. 00 “ fast walkers “ quite often buy up.

- It is possible to take the subscription for the term up to 2 weeks. Besides 2 parks Universal Studios it grants the right to visit still SeaWorld (an aquarium about an extreme - attractions, a delphinarium and one hundred different sharks), Wet n Wild (an aquapark with waterslides to 200 metres, pools with artificial waves and sandy beaches), Bush Gardens (in Tampa Beat that in 150 km from Orlando. Speak, an extreme there more than in all other parks of Orlando together taken, and the turn has less). The free bus is included.

- On some an extreme - attractions it is forbidden to carry by with itself bags, chambers and cameras since they can drop out. But nearby there are safes where your things will be stored free of charge till 50 minutes. It is necessary to pay further.


Hotels in Orlando inexpensive. Number is more favourable for reserving in advance, but empty seats are always, because hotels everywhere and on any purse. From $50 though, speak, it is possible to find numbers and is cheaper. Concepts “ a double “ (2 - local) and “ a single “ (1 - local) here is not present: in number, as a rule, two huge double beds. In each hotel a minimum one pool usually opened. More often the breakfast does not enter into number price.

exotic Suffices: the acquaintance lived in hotel in which territory there was a lake with the tablet: “ it is forbidden to Bathe: crocodiles “. From the majority of large hotels to parks free shuttles go. It is possible to live and in parks, but hotels there are more expensive. After arrival type free fair brochures that lie in foyer of each hotel - there weight useful.

a Food

Restaurants in ten parks for all tastes. But the majority and - lja McDonald`s - hamburgers, French fries plus a pizza. Their corpulent clients here wanders much, our children have christened them “ slonopotamami “.

For smoking in each park it is taken away on two - three small reservations. Alcohol in Florida do not sell to persons to 21 years, even beer at restaurant. The age proof - the passport or the rights. In parks even beer nonalcoholic (except park “ Epkot “).

In Florida the staff tax is not included in all prices. Therefore to all prices it is necessary to add 6,5 - 7 %, and in hotels, restaurants and shops from you compulsorily Will subtract for service 15 more - 22 %.

When it is better to go?

especially colourful shows happen for Christmas and during school vacation. But during these periods flow of visitors changes from “ moderately big “ to “ absolutely mad “. Attractions are least occupied in the autumn, then also the prices more low. 300 days in a year in Orlando the sun, even in January, as a rule, warmly - to + 30.


Without the car in Orlando extremely inconveniently: public transport goes seldom, a taxi expensive, and distances decent. In streets there are not enough pedestrians: on foot only Europeans and Asians here go.

Along the street Internejshnl the Drive goes a trolley bus stopping practically about all shopping - the centres, parks of attractions, restaurants and etc. Journey costs less than $2. But it is more favourable to buy the subscription on week.


In Orlando is some large shopping centres which here name mollami. The goods there are on sale without taxes, that is why the prices attractive, especially in comparison with Russia. A choice huge, but “ Made in USA “ practically is not present. The majority of the goods is made in China, the others in Third World countries. We saw even jeans and man`s suits “ It is made in Russia “.

What to look

In Orlando still weight of any entertainments. There is a circus “ Dju salts “ some the original centres of night and gastronomic entertainments (one of them - Island of Pleasures where every night mark New year), a historical museum, art gallery, Kunstkamera, cypress gardens and so forth

It having appeared here, it is necessary to visit the Space centre of Kennedy on cape Canaveral. These are 50 km from Orlando. There to you will offer excursion to launching pads from which start " was made; Apollo “ on the Moon and besides an attraction simulating flight in space. But in Orlando attractions it is more interesting.

the Statistics

In the world is 5 Disneylands:

- in Anahejme (California, 2 parks, it is opened in 1955, visitation - 22 million persons a year). In a year of opening the ticket there cost $1. There in 1959 there was an international incident when in park have not started up 1 secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU Nikita Khruschev during its visit to the USA, having explained an interdiction security reasons. The first of local parks - actually the Disneyland, has served as a prototype for Magic Kingdom in Orlando. The second - rather small Kalifornia ΐdventures;

- in Orlando (Florida, 4 parks, it is opened in 1971, visitation - 48 million);

- in Tokyo (2 parks, it is opened in 1983, visitation - 27 million). Differs park on water Disney Sea. From all Disney`s parks most expensive, but brings the greatest money;

- in Paris (2 parks, it is opened in 1992, visitation - 12 million). The local Disneyland, as a matter of fact, copies the Californian classics. The second park - small, at it till now problems with a recoupment. The Parisian Disneyland unique which can be seen under snow;

- in Hong Kong (1 park, it is opened in 2005, visitation - 5 million). The smallest in the world, in it of only 4 zones (against 5 - 6 in other parks). Well very children`s.

In 2009 the Disneyland project in Shanghai is started. Promise to construct for 5 - 6 years.

Parks Universal Studios in the world while 3 (California, Florida and Japan), plus are under construction a little.

the Disneylands demand enormous investments, company Walt Disney built all three not American Disneylands on equal footing with other firms or the governmental organisations. That the Disneyland paid off, the huge stream of tourists, and also high level of life of local population that people presumed to themselves the entrance ticket for $85 is necessary. For this reason the next decade the Disneyland in Moscow will be hardly constructed.

And especially there is no sense to erect it in Kaliningrad as it is offered: there it is quite often cloudy, cool and it is rainy, and children - they love the sun.