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Physicians made profit on brjantsah during prophylactic medical examination

Additional prophylactic medical examination of the population for which the state allocates the big means, became a source of enrichment for some Bryansk physicians. The check of Office of Public Prosecutor spent in Surazhsky   testifies to it; area.

Besides the delayed medicines which have been found out in regional hospital, public prosecutors have paid attention to a formalism at prophylactic medical examination carrying out. In out-patient cards there are no marks of experts about complaints of patients, the description of results of their survey, results of laboratory researches and are not specified numbers of insurance policies. Patients at whom diseases are revealed, are not put on dispansernyj the account. And though it was not spent neither ultrasonic research, nor the blood analysis, in reports have written down the false data. On the basis of these papers physicians have got wages.

As the head of department of public health services of city administration Andrey Tsybankov has informed, in Bryansk additional prophylactic medical examination are obliged to pass more than 30 thousand   working townsmen. On physical examination of one person this year 1 042 roubles are provided. On these figures it is possible to judge that, how many public funds are spent for nothing - for the account   additions. On the other hand, valid   prophylactic medical examination, according to the assistant to the head of Bryansk Vladimir Akulov, can rescue the whole labour army: annually the city loses one and a half thousand     men and four hundred women who have not retired yet.