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The president has received planes conversations in which it will be impossible to intercept

Today an aviatrain of the Russian head from the Kazan engineers has replenished with new winged cars. Some hours ago the Kazan aviabuilders have transferred keys from two unique planes - repeaters That is 214ба to employees of Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation.

About fifty flights from one end of Russia in another - here that minimum of tests which there have taken place both planes. The Kazan aviabuilders joke that this time they have surpassed themselves: for the first time They be 214 have overcome 10 thousand kilometres without uniform landing. Increase range of flights samoletostroiteli could at the expense of additional fuel tanks which have established in cargo a compartment. Now these operating time will be applied at manufacturing of commercial liners to aviapassenger transportations.

to Soar up in the sky both boards should still one and a half years ago. However to hurry up with delivery of presidential cars on a steel: planes it was necessary to bring to perfection.

Unlike the usual liner, capable to contain 210 persons, the first board is calculated a maximum on 60 passengers. And here in a crew cabin the fourth occasional seat is provided.

the Main task of new planes - to provide with communication the main passenger, therefore the repeater salon is broken into offices and larded by ultramodern technics. And, the president of the Incorporated aviation company Alexey Fedorov, domestic production technics has specified to the correspondent. All conversations of the president will be carefully protected by special system. Developers assure what to intercept them it is impossible. Besides, aboard there are all conditions that passengers could have a sleep, eat and even to take a shower.